Suck It Up!

It's true the troops are dying.

2000+ so far.

But we'll keep on trying,

until we win this war.

Many think it's pointless.

Another Vietnam.

But let me tell you something:

Sit back, relax, stay calm.

So what if troops are dying?

It's what they signed up for.

It ain't the bleeding Girl Scouts.

It's a mother-effing war!

They've got weapons of mass destruction.

Of this knowledge, we are sure.

Otherwise, we'd have pulled out

Of this Middle Eastern tour.

"Uhh...Mr. President?"


"Icks-na on the weapons of mass destruction."

"Aww, shoot. But I'm right in the middle of my speech!"

" about something else."

"Err...okay, here goes."

They've got Mexicans in truckloads,

slipping past the border.

We'd better get right on that.

So...chop, chop! That's an order!

This song is brought to you by the United States government.