A/N: It's been a while since I've churned out one of these naughty puppies, and I'm getting behind on suggestions. Allow me to shut up and present to you...a song about Neopets, as suggested by vivifai!


It's ridiculous.

It's uncouth.

And it doesn't take a sleuth

to see the truth!

The degradation of our youth,

stemming from a single source.

Translated into a jazillion languages,

it'll make your eyeballs rot and fall out

of your sockets! In your pocket,

there's a little demon,

and he's whining to be fed!

Everyone's played it at some point in their life,

but I wouldn't go near it at the point of a knife!

It's the global standard of culture, how sad!

More standardized than a standardized test!

It's that cute, annoying, Satan-possessed

Neopest that's got every kid stressed!

Vivifai's brother plays it for hours on end,

and I bet she's happy hers is dead!

Whoa, ohhh, ohhh, Neopets!

This song is brought to you by Neopets, the little buggers! And have faith, vivifai, for I, Iced Tea Junkie, am one among this earth who has never laid hands on a Neopet. There is hope for our culture yet! (Unless I've already ruined it...)