The Smile Widens


The sheer inane cheesiness of my boyfriend astounds me sometimes. Even after two years together, after the most spectacular, albeit odd, first meeting ever, I'm still pleasantly surprised sometimes.

David is like at once, a five year old, and 35 year old. He can pull pranks all day with wide awake eyes, and the true metabolism of a toddler. But if you ask him a serious question, he'll answer with a wise maturity. He's only 21. Three years younger than me. Sometimes I bypass getting the warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach when thinking about him, and come to the conclusion that he's five at heart.

But, this cheesy David is mine. Forever and ever.

All of his pranks on April fools day, all his romantic dinners (and damn can he cook). The morning coffee flavored kiss (he's a morning person), all of those sweet rooftop anniversaries, and butterfly kisses. And emails at work that would make my boss not hesitate in firing me.

And the desire to lick whip cream of my stomach (which is quite toned, to his amusement) on my birthdays…


So of course, it has to be me he's waking up at 1:15 on…some day I'm too tired to remember. Thankfully for him I know who it is, or I'd strangle him. But he whispers softly into my ears that there's this beautiful comet that doesn't happen again for another 100 years or some such astrological crap.

Did I mention it is our anniversary?

But today's inane cheesiness on the roof of our new home (bought with lots of help, trust me) makes my life worth living. Were snuggling together, me wrapped in a blanket that I didn't relinquish from the bed, staring at the sky. And he's talking in that glorious voice that can lull me to sleep when he talks all softly and revering.

After about five minutes I'm pretty much drifting off, when I feel him taking my hand, and I barely register the cold pressure of him sliding something on to my ring finger. Needless to say, I'm awake in a moment, everything forgotten as I look down onto my hand in stupefied awe.

He always tells me afterwards that my expression is priceless.

All I remember thinking, is "Oh my god!"

But I look over at him with my 'confused-in-a-cute-way' face as he calls it, and he smile widens.

Basically answering my questions, 'is this what I think it is?'

"Love ya. Marry me?"

I'm pretty sure that's when I scream and jump him, almost making us tumble off the roof which would have been bad indeed, but he saves us. Just like he saved me.

He tells me that I scream like a little girl, and I'm fairly sure I punch him, but not hard, I've been told I punch hard. And punching your fiancée on the night he asks you to marry him is a faux paux somewhere.

I'm on top of him just looking down at his pretty, pretty eyes and then I collapse, he 'hmphs' as my weight falls on him, but I make up for the sudden move by whispering in his ear seductively and with all seriousness.

"Love, you didn't have to ask."

Then his smile turns into a goofy grin, and he twists our fingers together and we fall asleep like that, content. Completely forgetting the comet we had been up here for in the first place. And completely forgetting we're on the roof.

Fortunately for me, David is like a heater, so I don't get cold as he makes me share the blanket for him to lay down on.

When we wake up, there is a beautiful layer of dew over David's closed eye lashes, and hair, and it's all shiny, and I can't resist the temptation of kissing my fiancée's closed eyes. Which open. And David smiles that special little smile he saves for me, and I melt. We're both so lucky.

"Morning, husbad-to-be," I say into his chest.

The smile widens.

Who said there weren't any happy endings? I think I might actually have said that aloud, as David jumps a little, and then speaks softly, "You used to."

"Mmm, but now I can look down at my hand and glomp you and know that if the world ends in a week, I won't have any regrets."

His smile widens, and so does mine.