Roses: For A Child; Ice Cream: For A Lady

Chapter 1

As a little girl, I believed in wands and fairytales...

Then he came... and I believed in prince charmings too...

But he made it hard for me to believe in 'happily ever afters'...

So I decided to leave...

Not because I don't love him anymore...

But because Little girls grow up too...



Finally! The bell rang!

At last! Physics was through!!! I couldn't have taken in any more of it! My head was going to explode with all those lessons I took up.

Besides, I bet everyone was already dismissed except for me. Well it's always been like that on Fridays.

"Syd!" I heard someone call my name.

"Yes! I'm coming, I'm coming! Just give me a second! " I replied to Lauren with a grin as I hurried in packing up my things.

I knew it was her, even without looking. She was always the only one who has that—what I call: 'Always-in-a-hurry' tone in her voice. And besides, she's the only 'kindhearted' person who waits for me every Friday when I'm alone having this stupid class.

"Everyone's on the bleachers watching Adrian playing!" I heard her complaining while twirling the end of her long pale hair; that's when I finally inserted the last book I needed inside my bag.

"I'm really sorry!" I apologized with a grin while walking toward the door.

As if I hadn't been make her wait this long every Friday.

"Yeah?! It's not like you don't make me wait every Friday for you!" she said—exactly what I was thinking of! She was doing it again. How can she read my mind?

It really freaked me out at times whenever she knew what I think of. And take note! It always happened! She always knows what I'm thinking of!

I've always wondered how she did that thing.

"Hurry up! We're so late you know?!" she reminded me again turning around and then starting to walk.

"It started 10 minutes ago!" Lauren added looking back at me with a 'you owe me BIG TIME for this!' face while rolling her eyes at me.

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying!" I responded while trying to catch up. She was sort of running already if you ask me.

Oh yeah I forgot we're late for the game of her one and only love! Eww… that just sounded a little gross, knowing that my best friend's crush is my twin brother.

'Man! She walks like someone's chasing her.' I chuckled a bit with what I was thinking.

"Could you walk a little faster please?" She hurried me once more. "Stop giggling there and start walking faster!" She said while looking back at me.

I couldn't have stayed relaxed, walking. I knew she was so freaking pissed because she was missing the game.

While we were walking along the pathway going to the field, I saw Daniel, my brother's best friend, reading while walking towards the playing field where Adrian, my twin brother, is playing.

I saw Brigitte, Natalie and Sandra, the three bitches, watching the game vigilantly (If you ask me they're not watching the game! They're there to see their Boyfriends play.) while Zack and Chris were throwing food at each other, looking like retarded kids quarrelling over something stupid.

Chris was Lauren's family friend, and he was living with them until we graduate.

"Daniel!" I spoke in an awfully loud voice while walking towards him as I jump on his back to get a piggyback ride before he could look behind.

I lost sight of Lauren, but I didn't mind. I bet she's already watching the boring soccer game with Chris and Zack.

I never really like—liked soccer anyway, no matter what I do, and, even if my brother's usually the MVP. It's weird, because Adrian's so 'in' to the game but I don't really give a freaking damn about it.

I only liked going to his games since, normally, after they (Adrian and Daniel) play, we would always go buy ice cream or even cotton candy.

"What do you need, tadpole?" I heard Daniel using that annoying nickname he gave me while getting a little out of balanced.

I mean, what's with me being a tadpole? I wasn't that 'tiny'!

Was I? I hope not! I hated my stupid nickname!

"Stop calling me a tadpole!" I contradicted like a little kid. "As you can see I'm not!" I added while smirking.

"Will you go down? You're not as light as you think."

"No! I want a piggyback ride!" I shouted directly to his right ear, trying to piss him of.

Wait. Why wasn't Dan playing? I mean, didn't they have a game going on right now?

"Hey! Don't you have a game going on?" I asked, grinning.

I wondered why Dan wasn't playing. He and Adrian usually competed together. Even if it's quite unbelievable that my brother and his best friend (who seems like he doesn't talk and socialize with other people) were actually good, and both of them were actually East F.A.L.L's best soccer players, they really did play good together.

Well that's what I heard from other people, because, like I said, I was never fond of watching their games. The ice cream and cotton candy were all I've been after, and Lauren, my best friend, always wanted to watch.

"I had to do something." He replied, closing the book he was reading.

I saw Zack and Chris waving at me while I was on Daniel's back, so I waved back. That time, they both had already stopped throwing food at each other and were already cheering for the soccer team of our school. At least they didn't look like retarded kids anymore.

"It's not my fault if you fall Sydney." Dan warned me as he started walking towards the playing field.

I helped myself up not to fall, but unfortunately for me, before I even knew it, I was already on the ground.

"Shit!" I said in shocked with what just happened.

I saw Zack and Chris looking while chuckling so hard with what just happened.

Good thing Lauren was too busy watching Adrian play, so I guess she didn't see me. I bet she would have been laughing tremendously hard like what Zack and Chris were doing!

Those bastards!

"I told you, you might fall." Daniel spoke with a smirk on his face.

He looked at me.

I was sitting down, on the middle of the pathway next to the field, where the soccer team was competing with another school, looking like a total idiot!

I saw some people giggling as they pass by me.

I know people saw what just happened. Well I didn't really care anymore; I didn't want to trouble myself by feeling so embarrassed when I couldn't do anything.

I mean—it happened. What was I supposed to do? They were laughing like hell already!

Daniel helped me up and I felt a bit sore near my ankle. There was a scratch near it because of being so sloppy.

"I fell!" I said to Daniel looking at him with a 'sad' face as I removed the dust from my pants and shirt.

"Yeah, I noticed." He responded in a sarcastic way.

"C'mon I'll bring you to the clinic so that they can clean that." Daniel said chuckling a bit as he bent and offered me a piggy-back ride.

"Yay!" I responded, excited, as I got my bag on the ground and hopped on his back.

He actually gave me a piggy ride! He didn't normally carry me in school, since he says we'd look like idiots. So he only gave me a piggy ride when he's in our house or when I'm in his.

I felt his warm back while he carried me. He was such a liar! I know I'm not that heavy for him to carry! I mean—hello?! How can he not carry me? I'm lighter than those big stuffs he and Adrian normally carried whenever they went to the gym!

'I bet he felt kind of guilty for what happened'. I thought while making an evil face. Well he shouldn't if you ask me. It's actually my fault; I was so careless.

I giggled a bit, while leaning on his shoulder.

I couldn't help but giggle when I think of what just happened. I just didn't believe I actually fell down. I was old enough not to fall!

"And why are you giggling? May I ask?" He asked me as he held me tighter.

I knew why he tightened his grip, 'because I might fall again!' Man! Was I really that sloppy?

"That's because you're giving me a piggy ride!" I scoffed at him while trying to look at his face from behind. I know I didn't really give the real reason, but that's one of the reasons to, so I guess that's half lying?

I felt his left cheek touch mine and I felt a little awkward, so I eased back a bit and just continued leaning on his shoulder, feeling so comfortable.

"Stop moving too much. You might fall again," he said, warmly, this time. And so I tightened my grasp around his neck.

Well not too tight that he couldn't breathe anymore though.

"Syd you're like a little kid." I heard him mumbled. I just didn't mind what he said and went on having fun being carried by him.


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