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Chapter 16: Crazy Just For You

"It starts in my toes,

makes me crinkle my nose.

Wherever it goes, I always know,

that you make me smile,

please stay for a while..."

( "Bubbly" - Colbie Caillat)

Author's POV


"What the fuck, you scared me!" Adrian said with a shocked face when he saw Syd drinking a glass of milk on the counter, "It's surprising you're still awake."

"I can't get to sleep," she explained as she scratched her right eye.

"Can't seem to stop thinking of Dan, now can't we?"

From earlier this afternoon, ever since Dan admitted the way he felt about her, Syd couldn't stop herself but feel bothered. She feared the way she was little by little experiencing a weird tingling sensation she knew was because of thinking about the times when Dan would always be just beside her.

"What the hell are you saying?!" Syd retorted trying her best not to sound defensive.

Adrian got a can of Coke from the fridge and sat on the empty counter chair beside his twin.

"By the way you look, it either he told you already or you noticed it. Oh wait, let me rephrase that, "finally noticed" the way Dan feels for you!" Adrian muttered teasingly with a laugh as he ruffled Syd's already messy hair.

"Hey! You knew all this time?!" Syd exclaimed stunned, her brows meeting.

"Yup! Everyone noticed except for you."

"And you guys never even told me or at least gave me a hint or something?!"

"A hint? Hell it was already hitting you right between your eyes and you still weren't able to see it! How did you think would your—as you call it hint--, help you?!"

"But at least you could have told me so that I wouldn't be this dazed and stunned!" Syd said while trying to hold back her tears because of confusion.

"Well at least he already told you, I was actually wondering when he would," Adrian told Syd and then drank his coke before throwing the empty can on the trash bin.

Syd finished her milk but still seems unable to find sleep even when it was already past 12 midnight. She just couldn't quite figure out how she was going to react with what she knew about that afternoon. Or should we say, she just still hasn't admitted to herself how she truly felt?

"Yeah but--, ah!" She responded hitting her forehead quite hard with her palm.

"Wait! How did my exceptionally quiet best friend ever admitted to you?" Adrian asked sounding nosy as Syd got down from the counter chair and began walking to go up her room.

"That's none of your business you know!"

"Excuse me, but I believe I'm the supposed to be overreacting brother over here?!"

"No teasing or annoying now Adrian, please? My head is seriously going bizurk! " Syd responded carelessly waving her hand in mid-air, signaling her brother to just bug-off with out any usual happy expression.


"You've got to clear things up with her, you ass!" Adrian yelled on the phone the moment Dan was on the other line.

It was already two in the afternoon and Syd was still acting strange. It wasn't as if she was sick or didn't want to eat or whatsoever, it was just that she wasn't the usual bubbly twin sister he knew.


"She actually refused to eat ice cream crazy!"


"Are you seriously asking me that?" Adrian muttered to his best friend while changing the channel of the television in his room, "You better think of something dumb ass!" and then he hung up on Dan.

Both didn't expect the way it would make Syd really confused. Adrian had been forcing Dan to admit the way he really felt but now it seemed to have become a bad idea after all. Adrian wanted the usual Dan who would stay over their house and watch him and Syd rant at one another, and the usual bubbly sister he loved teasing and annoying.


"Hey, thanks for the help!" Dan said as he dropped Lauren in front of her house where Chris was already waiting the moment he heard Dan's SUV stop in front.

"Sure, no problem!" she responded with a smile as they both got out of his vehicle.

Dan stood by the opened door as Lauren was already trapped in Chris' arms possessively.

"Hey! What are you saying it was okay that you left me?!" Chris said with a kidding mad voice. He sounded like a grade three kid whose homework was stolen, but of course Lauren was way more important and precious than a piece of paper due to be thrown right after receiving a grade.

"Dummy, I wasn't even gone for an hour!"

"Well it felt like it was more than the time you were really out," Chris said sweetly while burying his face in Lauren's neck.

"Right, thanks again Lauren, and sorry if I stole your girlfriend for just a bit Chris," Dan said teasingly with a small chuckle, "I better leave, billions of ants might be crawling anytime now."

The two were really crazy with each other! Chris, from a hard headed bastard was all of a sudden like a little puppy that obeyed and followed everything Lauren asked and wanted him to do.

"Alright! Good luck with your crazy plan!" Lauren mumbled as Dan went in his SUV.

"It's not crazy! Bye!"

"What crazy plan?" Chris asked confused.

"I'll tell you inside its cold out here," she replied and untangled his arms as he began to walk in the house.

"I can keep you warm."

"Let's go in, please?" Lauren asked and right after saying that, Chris got a hold of her hand and led her in.

Aw, no more aggressive doggy. Haha!


"Mom called a while ago, they'll be arriving next Friday," Adrian informed his sister while walking down the stairs.

Syd was getting her coat from the small room near the main door to make her feel warm once she goes to the park near their house.

"Please don't leave me again when we have to pick them up, okay?" she responded with practically no expression shown by her face.

Syd would have retorted teasingly but no, too much things were running through her mind that she wouldn't bother to argue with her sibling right now.

"O…ok but where are you off to? It's already quarter to six," Adrian asked curiously finding his sister really unusual.

"I'll just walk to the park."

And with that, she closed the door as she immediately left. Syd didn't want her brother to offer coming with her nor did she want him to be asking any more questions.

The park wasn't packed with kids playing even when at this time kids probably would go out of their houses and meet up with their friends. But there were only five girls playing with the monkey bars.

Syd rode the swing quite near to where the five kids were playing and chitchatting. And she tried eavesdropping to what they were blabbering about.

"That's not fair, it's Grace's turn to be the shark," the small kid with bangs complained while going down the bar.

"But I'm always the shark, don't be selfish Isis," the Grace kid with glasses and was almost the same height with Isis responded.

The other three went down from the monkey bars as well and started discussing who's who. Man, kids are just unbelievable! Haha!

"Hey guys, what's up?" Syd approached the five girls and squatted to be eye leveled with all of them. They reminded her of Arabella who probably was of the same age as them.

"Why are you calling us guys? We're girls you know?" a curly-haired girl wearing yellow replied with a bewildered face.

This made Syd chuckle a bit as she rephrased what she just said, "Oh right sorry, Hey girls!"

"Its like almost the same thing Nina!" the other girl with short hair tied on a pony whispered secretly.

"So, what's your name?" the fifth girl with really long straight hair asked Syd shyly.

"I'm Sydney but you can call me Syd," she replied with a sweet smile, "and you girls are?"

"I'm Angela!"

"I'm Grace!"

"I'm Bea!"

"I'm Isis!"

"And I'm Nina!... what are you doing here?"

One by one they introduced their selves pushing one another to be right in front of Syd's face.

"Anyone's allowed to go here Nina," Bea informed the curly haired one for the second time.

"Yeah but where are her friends? She's here alone."

"Maybe she broke up with her boyfriend!" Grace, the one with glasses butted in teasingly.

"Yeah, my sister wanted to be alone when she broke up with her boy," Isis followed up with a giggle.

"Kids are definitely shocking these days," Syd thought while smiling at the five kids in front of her.

"Actually, no."

"Huh? Then why are you here?" Nina who seemed to be the nosey one asked again.

"Uh…," Syd began to stutter, unsure of what to say.

"Oh, my gosh, look! There's a big fat horse holding a big cotton candy behind you!" Nina exclaimed excitedly as she ran towards the supposedly called 'horse holding a big cotton candy'.

"He's not a real horse, he has a face, look," Isis said examining the crazy person wearing a horse costume.

The costume had the head of a horse and the mane but it revealed your face, hands and feet which would be obvious it was just a costume.

Syd sat on a swing quite far from them who were crowding over the costumed person, while watching.

"Syd!" the guy wearing the horse costume called.

"Who's he?" she mumbled to herself curious with how the person knew her name.

She saw the man bend down and began talking to the kids. And right after when all of them nodded, he handed the cotton candy to the five.

Angela, Bea, Grace, Isis and Nina walked away with smiles on their faces after being bribed. Smart now isn't he?

"Wait, before you start laughing, let's talk properly first," Dan (yes, he was the one in costume) said with a grin, "Alright?"

The moment Syd nodded, he sat on the swing beside her.

"Why are you wearing that?" she muttered first to fill up the silence with a heavy chuckle.

"I told you not to laugh," Dan responded with a pout.

"Aw, its okay, it's just me Dan."

"Yeah I know, you're even funnier cause you're a tiny black tadpole," He muttered feeling triumphant about something so petty.

"Ha-ha-ha very funny, well at least I'm not wearing something stupid right now!" Syd said with a laugh.

"Hey! You're mean; I'm just wearing this for you!"

"I didn't tell you to."

"But still! A little appreciation would be enough you know," He responded with a pleading face.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry, you could go on now," Syd informed Dan as she "behaved" herself.

"Good, well as you know…"

"Know what?"

"Will you let me finish?" Dan said standing up in front of her just a bit frustrated with how she was persistent with not letting him talk. He knew she knew even just a little what he was going to talk about with her.

"Right, go on."

"Okay, you know that I really, really like you a lot and—,"

"Stop saying that, I already know," Syd said unable to look at Dan in the eyes.

"I like you, I like you, I like you," Dan hummed trying to annoy her. And while he was still "singing" his 'I like you' song, Dan suddenly felt Syd's warm lips against his which made him keep quite.

Dan began caressing her mouth gently, feeling her soft lips which tasted sweet. He felt her tensed up with his kisses but right after circling her waist and pulling her more securely to him, Syd wrapped her hands around his neck and returned Dan's gentle caress.

Each other's touch brought butterflies to one another's stomach and made Syd's chest thump fast.

She pulled away and buried her face on Dan's chest, unsure of what to do or say.

"Tadpole!" Dan mumbled teasingly with his chin propped on her head.

"What?!" Syd retorted because of the way Dan called her. She felt the heat crawl up her cheeks which made her want to hide her face.

"Whoa! Why are you mad?"

"I'm not."

"Oh, okay," Dan responded pulling a bit back to look at her face but Syd buried her face even more, "Syd?"

"I like you to and," she stuttered against his chest, "sorry for being so naïve and unaware of your feelings."

Dan sighed and his lips formed a gentle smile.

"Listen silly," Dan responded, now with a small chuckle while cupping Syd's face gently, "No need for saying sorry."

"Like what I said, I like you, I like you, I like you!" He continued with a quick peck on Syd's lips right after every 'I like you'.

"Yes okay, I get it and I already said as well that I like you, stop the kisses."

"Ouch! That was harsh!" Dan teased with a sad face.

"I didn't mean it to be that way."

"Just kidding!" Dan said as he leaned forward and cajoled her mouth to meet with his. Dan pulled her closer licking her lips. His hands slipped down circling her waist and settled at her lower back, holding her possessively.

Their tongues collided making her lips form a smile while kissing.

Syd pulled back as she chuckled with what was happening.

"Do you realize you're still in your wonderful costume?" Syd asked with a grin. She saw him blush as he stepped back and removed the costume which was over his clothes. His plan was definitely not crazy, Lauren should know.

"Much better don't you think?"

"Mm-hmm," Dan replied raising an eyebrow up.

Syd threw herself to Dan and wrapped her arms around him tightly and pecked his lips right after asking, "Let's get some ice cream?"

"I thought you said to your brother that you will never ever eat ice cream again? That's why I was holding cotton candy a while ago."

"Well, I take it back," She answered with a chuckle.

"You're really one of a kind."

"But you're still crazy."

"Just for you," Dan continued what Syd was saying while intertwining his hand with hers and gave it a kiss.

"Just for me! Good horsy!"

Hahaha poor Dan. Or should I rather say: hurray for horsy and tadpole!

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