Moments in time

- Kira Bouviea' –

I love the way you smile.

I fall when I see you falling.

So when you fly I fly.


There was a day that stood out from all the rest.

There was a time when I thought it could turn out all right.

There was a life I dreamed about having...having with you.


I love the way you loved.

I lived when you smiled at me.

I died when you hated me.


There was a moment where it all ended.

There was a second where everything came apart.

There was a moment of infinity when I felt the world fall around me.


I came to you offering hope.

You came to me offering peace.

She came to you offering a release.

He came to me offering a way out.


They came to us ending our peace.

I will forgive you all your mistakes,

Will you forgive me mine?

They say that all we remember are those moments in time.

I would give up all my moments for just one more second with you.