We live in a world

That puts labels on our backs

Depending on what we think

Or if we function like maniacs

This world that we live in

Cracks its evil smile

As we drive into that deep water

Competition is freestyle

Those other people who

Just care about themselves

The ones that just toss you

Away on some grimy old shelves

They don't give the world

If you're happy or if you're sad

They just live their own live

And for that they should be glad

'Cause they don't know
Don't know how it does feel

For life to be hard

And pain to be real

And as we life in this world

We slowly melt away

Burning in our shame

Hoping to survive another day

Our anger and our sore

Everything that does hurt

Is getting to be so much

As we fall into the dirt

We just want it to be over

Isn't that what you consider?

That you could end it all right now

To end all the worthless bitter

Some of us do that

That ending of life right away

No turning back now

You won't live another day

Would live in this world

With all the pain

All this horror and gore

Has it driven you insane?

It's driven me crazy

I can tell you that

It's driven completely mad

I'm just a brainless rat

And why do I keep living

Unlike those people who had enough

'Cause I don't want those people

The ones who really care have it rough

I finally think I realized

That I'm not the only one

Those others with worst horrors

Should not be shunned

I'm not alone

Thinking that the world rots

I'm not really alone

All alone with my thoughts