A/N: All about Boy-2. Enjoy.

There's a thin line between love and hate

And it's getting thinner with every move you make,

I hate you one day,

I love you the next,

Your making this whole situation,

Way to complex,

I'm not sure what you're doing,

Or how you're doing it,

If this is how love always is,

I might as well just quit,

Because I can't handle this feeling I get,

Every second of everyday,

When you talk to me; Laugh with me,

Or just look my way,

This feeling of love and hate,

Sunshine and rain,

I've had all I can take,

Of this joyful pain,

Just kill me now,

Take my life,

So no longer will I suffer,

Through all this strife,

But you won't kill me will you?

You don't think I deserve to die,

Little do you know; I'm slowly dying,

Everytime I wonder "Why?",

Why does he do this to me?

And why do I still love him so?

The answers to all these questions,

I guess I'll never know,

The only thing I know is,

My whole life before you is a blur,

I'm standing on the line between love and hate,

Still not sure which one I prefer.