A/N: Just something stupid I wrote for english class. Enjoy.

Deep down within you,

Anger begins to grow,

You don't know why its there,

But the feeling just wont go,

Its like a tiny bomb,

Deep within your soul,

Waiting for the worst time

To begin to blow,

It makes you do things,

You wouldnt normally do,

It makes you act like someone else,

Other then you,

You might say some bad things,

And lose a couple friends,

But no matter what you do,

The anger just won't end,

So you search deep in your heart,

To discover the joy you couldnt find,

And after all of that,

You have a completely new state of mind,

So next time you get a little angry,

Think before you speak,

For if you say the nicest things you can,

Your joy will be there to keep!