She cries when the pain doesn't go away,

It pulls her down, heavy like a wet blanket

It wraps around her face while unknowingly taking the impression of it

She tries to scream or cry out, but nothing can be heard

She breathes through the minute holes, gasping for air that doesn't matter

She can feel her lungs burn and explode with pressure

Her heart beats slower with each breath

She wishes it would stop, the pain, her beating heart

She struggles to get free because that's all she can do, that's all there is to do

Her eyes are closed in defeat, or maybe acceptance

It's hard to tell the difference between the two anymore

She continues her struggle, as the light vanishes from the room.

Her small room that was once welcoming, now closes in around her

The four walls no longer keeping her safe, but trapping her

It is now so very dark

A sad kind of dark, like the feeling of a cold winter night

How ironic, she was born in December the darkest of months

No sliver of moonlight shines through the window, the moon is dead tonight

There is only a starless black sky that mourns for her loss

The loss of the moon

and the loss of the girl.

Cruel images begin to take shape in the encompassing darkness, phantoms and demons that have come to torment her

Spiteful words and thoughts from her mind, that take a physical form with the help of her imagination

They wrap the cloth tighter in an apparent motherly fashion, for they would end her suffering

They are her misery and her sanity

They stroke her covered body with loving hands, comforting her as her life collapses

Behind her eyes she watches the ending of her life

She imagines peace because she has never known it

Then her little world explodes with lightning flashes of color and spiraling patterns of white

Her chest has finally stopped moving; her lungs caved in and deflated

The sky opens up and light shines into the room

It looks normal now, like any teenage girl's room should look

The phantoms have slowly vanished back into the walls

They were never really there anyway

The blanket slowly slides off her face and rests quietly on the floor

Light shines into the girl's now open eyes, illuminating them with fake life

A peaceful smile rests on her pale, chapped lips.

She is happy now.