In this place where shadows lie,

In this place where shadows die;

Where living Darkness sings of fate,

Songs of love and songs of hate,

Never a pause, nor a wait

Singing forever in melody

Long ago the sun did set,

And Luna rose, but never let;

Her light then cast the shadows long

And Darkness began its endless song

And from that moment, all went wrong;

Eternally, after Fenris set.

Only darkness lingers here,

And shadows of forgotten fear.

Hidden behind a thickened veil,

Of false light of a fairy tale;

Endlessly held there without fail

For dawn is never drawing near.

Deep within this hidden place

There lies a Shadow without a face

Ever watching; ever waiting;

Full of hatred never fading,

And ruthlessly anticipating

A marring in the veil of lace.

Twisted things lie all around

Crying out without a sound

And still -- still the Darkness sings,

And shadows of demented things,

Stay within the veil that brings

Submission to the Shadow bound.

In my mind where shadows lie,

In my mind where shadows die;

Where nothing's ever truly right,

And formless things lurk out of sight,

And nothing dares disturb the night

Forever, under Luna's eye.

- Fenris and Luna are, respectively, the lupine god and goddess of the sun and moon.