anorexia's on my list of things to do

but then I remember that he can already trace

shadows between my protruding ribs

and the caffeine's done more than fill me up.

you might say I'm beautiful when it's

seven thirty am and the cities just rising

out of a drunken slumber, but I'll walk

away and tug on my baggy t-shirt to cover

up the too-tight jeans I forgot to take off.


the change in my pocket won't get me

through today but that's alright because I

can beg it off one of the passerby.

they like the dirty way I stare when I

sit on the hard concrete and wait for the

train, again and again. it's dusk and the

streetlights flicker on and off while I get

appraising looks from the cars and wonder

if I'll have enough money for the ride home.


it's unfair that I've got one dollar and you've

got more but then again, I've got all the

pride of the gutter and you're stuck in a

never-ending world of plasma tv screens

and velour sweatpants. I make my money

the hard way, but at least it matters.

anorexia's on my list of things to do,

but only because all I can afford is coffee.