The gas light blinked on and the girl behind the wheel cursed. It was four in the morning and her night shift at the hospital had just ended. She'd been running late on her way into work (as was usual) and hadn't had the time to stop and refill her dangerously low gas tank. Now she was paying for it. The closest gas station was several miles away and she had the displeasing suspicion that she simply wasn't going to make it there before her tank emptied. That meant that she was going to have to pull over at some point and walk to the gas station to retrieve gas for her car.

Her fears were confirmed when ten minutes later her car rolled to a stop on the most deserted stretch of road in existence. Stepping from her car she reached back in and popped the trunk. Slamming the door with much more force than was necessary, she stalked back to the rear of her car to find the empty gas can she kept for just such emergencies. She might have called a friend to come help if it hadn't been so early and she had cell phone reception. As it was, fate mocked her, forcing her to walk the mile to the gas station.

Storming into the small station that was really more the size of a shoebox than a building, she watched as the clerk behind the counter jumped in surprise. An evil smirk graced her lips and for a moment she relished waking up the poor boy so that someone else might share in her misery. Immediately afterwards she felt guilty for such a thought and kindly requested that he fill her can with gas. The boy nodded groggily before stumbling outside to do her bidding. Wanting to freshen up the girl glanced around a moment before locating the bathroom and then walking over only to find the door locked. Not really in the mood to deal with delinquent doors, she simply went behind the counter and retrieved the keys.

Splashing her face with cold water, she stared into the mirror a moment out of habit before turning away, resigning herself to the uselessness of it all. It was at then that she remembered that her room mate would most likely be waking up about now and wondering where on earth she was. Fishing her cell phone from her pocket, she held it aloft as she paced about the bathroom, trying to get a signal. In the top right corner of the bathroom, just by the window, she got two bars of reception. The problem was, if she lowered it to her ear, the reception disappeared. With a grunt of irritation, she clambered onto the sink and leaned over towards the window until reception once again resurfaced. Hitting speed dial 3, she waited as the phone rang.

"Ash? Where are you?"

The voice on the other end of the phone line sounded worried and still half asleep. Smiling good naturedly, Ash replied, "Relax Izzie. My car just ran out of gas and I had to walk to the nearest gas station to get a refill. I should make it home before sunup."

"Alright. Be careful though, there are supposed to be some real weirdoes out there. Rumors of vampires and such. Well, see you when you get home," she said groggily before hanging and most likely crawling back into bed.

Ash laughed at their private joke before hanging up as well and retreating from the bathroom. The boy had her gas and after paying him, she once again proceeded on her way.

Barely out of sight of the gas station, she felt another presence join her on her walk. Without warning, or at least much of one, a gloved hand clasped over her mouth and jerked her back against a sturdy and well muscled chest.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you… much…" a velvety voice whispered in her ear, sharp teeth grazing her earlobe.

Still clutching her can of gas Ash sighed. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with this tonight and she had a feeling she was going to be a bit of a disappointment for the man as well.

Suddenly, or what seemed like suddenly, Ash found herself in an old mansion in the master bedroom if she was correct in her assumptions. The windows had dark black shades over them and the only thing visible in the room was the vague outline of a king size bed. Stretching in the chair she'd been deposited in, Ash sniffed lightly and detected the lingering scent of a chemical that had most likely been used to render her unconscious. She also suspected that if she was terrified she would have overlooked the very subtle scent.

Across the room a man stepped from the shadows, his bright eyes seeming to glow in the darkness of the room. He was dressed all in black with a tightly fitting shirt and pants. There was something distinctly old fashioned about his attire and an air of practiced elegance clung to him like a second skin. His unnaturally pale skin was virtually flawless and silky dark hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. After a moment of inspecting him Ash came to the conclusion that this man was definitely drop dead gorgeous, in other words, the stereotypical vampire. How boring.

He smiled to reveal pearly white fangs against perfectly sculpted lips. "I am master here and you are my new slave. These are the rules. Rule one: you will address me as Master and nothing else. Rule two: you will do everything I tell you or you will be punished. Rule three: if you try to fight, I will kill you. Do you understand?" As he asked the question, he stepped forward and gently caressed Ash's cheek, his manicured nails scraping dangerously across her flesh.

"Yup. I understand that you might as well kill me now because there is simply no way on God's green earth that I'm going to be your slave," Ash replied a note of cheerfulness in her voice.

The man lifted her from the chair and slammed her harshly back against the wall, painfully pushing the breath from her lungs. His fingers tightened around her neck as he pressed his body flush against her. "You didn't say Master," he breathed dangerously close to her ear. "And you declared that you wouldn't obey me. For that you will have to be punished."

The hand not around her neck was resting on her hip and as he spoke is slowly began to inch up towards dangerous territory. Just as the word punished left his lips, he harshly grabbed her right breast and was promptly kneed in the crouch. Howling like a wounded animal, he jerked away from Ash to stand a few feet away glaring. "How DARE you he spat," his words dripping with a promise of punishment to come.

"How dare I?" she asked conversationally. "I'm not the one who kidnapped someone, drugged them, and dragged them into a most likely rat infested house with the express purpose of raping them. As I've already told you, I'm not going to be your plaything so you might as well deposit me right back where you found me."

Straightening, the man stepped forward despite his pain to tower over Ash who stood at a disturbingly short five foot nothing. "I think you simply don't understand what you're dealing with. I am a vampire. If you refuse to be my bedmate then you can simply be my supper. I can always replace you with another girl."

"And therein lies the reason I refuse in the first place," Ash said triumphantly, only to see a slightly puzzled look cross the vampire's face. "Whether I agree to allow you to rape me or not, you will inevitably grow tired of me at some point and kill me. So I'd much rather die with my pride still in tact then die later with it shattered into a million pieces."

The vampire groaned before turning around and beginning to pace. "I don't get it. You were supposed to be terrified of what I am capable of and simply succumb without a fight or at least without much of one," he muttered, more to himself than Ash.

"May I ask what on earth gave you the impression that any girl you grabbed would just willingly let you defile her?"

He paused in his pacing to look up at her and after giving her an assessing look he sighed in defeat. "Have you ever heard of a website called quizilla? There are thousands of tales where girls are kidnapped by a beautiful vampire, made into slaves, and used as sex toys for however long the vampire pleases. The girls always give in. Sometimes they even want it. Those are rarer as they are the girls that are already obsessed with vampires. You know, the ones that wear black everything, have black hair, and black nail polish. That sort of thing. You simply weren't supposed to be different. I don't get it. Why didn't that work?"

Ash couldn't help it. She did try but she simply couldn't stop the laughter from spilling from her mouth like water spewing from a broken pipe. After a minute she regained control and leveled her most serious gaze on the deflated vampire before her. "Did you not realize that quizilla was FICTION? Fiction used here to mean not real, imagined, fake, fantasy, or fabricated. That site doesn't depict what happens in real life. Sorry. Now that you know the truth, can you please take me back to my car?"

The vampire sighed dejectedly before nodding and motioning towards the door. Turning on his heel, he walked out, down the stairs, and opened the front door of the old house. He then quickly led Ash across a field to the side of the road where her car, and neglected can of gasoline waited.

"Thank you," Ash said as she walked to her car to open the hatch on her gas tank. Without a word, the vampire picked up her gas can and filled her car with it before he began to shift from one foot to the other. "Don't worry," Ash whispered, "I won't tell the other vampires."

The vampire nodded sadly before opening her door and letting her seat herself. Just then a red convertible drove by with a blond woman driving. The vampire waved at Ash before taking off down the road after his new "prey". Buckling her seat belt, Ash glanced in her rearview mirror to watch the man fade into the night. With an ironic smirk that flashed a pair of sharp fangs in the fading moonlight, Ash put her car into drive. "Poser."