Summary- Natalie Miracle was an average girl. Well, semi-average if you'd ignore the fact she's a hacker and has a side of kleptomania with a dash of dual personality disorder. Then she and Daniel Halliwell, the most popular guy in school as well as her soon-to-be cousin, band together to shock the entire school in the form of something quite odd. And that something odd is called Project Cinderella. Why? No one knows except for a selected few. And Cathy is now in serious need of money. And a love life. Well, a love life with Daniel, anyway.

Rated- T

Genre- Drama, Humor, Romance

Warnings- Maybe shounen-ai

A/N- Argh! I had just finished writing this chapter and stupid fictionpress decided to be mean once more and stopped working. Damn. Anyway, no, you haven't read wrong. This takes place in America somewhere (I won't specify yet) and has American names except for a Japanese transfer for I must have at least one Japanese person in my stories. Heehee. Anyway, this is different from how I usually write so read on to figure out how and review please.

Confessions of a Teenage Kleptomaniac

Entry One

My Pathetic Excuse For A Life

Dear Diary,

Why did I put 'dear diary' there? I mean, it's not like you're my dear or anything like that so why the hell did I write that there? I mean, you're just some book that was given to me to write in for my English project.

I don't even know why I'm doing it in the first place since it's clear that my English teacher is a psychotic woman with a weird laughing disorder.

And me? I'm just an average kleptomania hacker with diagnosed with a dual personality disorder.

Any questions?

Natalie Miracle



Natalie sighed, causing the math teacher, Mr. Davis, to twitch as he tried to write out the problem on the white board. The students giggled and chuckled (for males don't giggle, they either chuckle or laugh) at Natalie and their math teacher. Mr. Davis and the class knew what was going to happen next. It was a daily routine for everyone in the class and the students enjoyed it more than the teacher did, of course.

Natalie sighed a bit louder this time, causing Mr. Davis to twitch even more as he mentally counted backwards from ten. The laughter had rose a few levels but not enough to disturb the other classes or the hallways. Mr. Davis, as he continued counting backwards (this time from twenty), continued writing the problem out.

Natalie sighed once more, more louder than before, causing the entire class to burst out laughing and Mr. Davis snapped. He whipped around, staring furiously at the girl.

"Natalie Miracle! I would appreciate it if you would stop disrupting the class!" he yelled.

Natalie stared boredly at the math teacher with her blue eyes. "But do we really need to know how to identify if a shape's a parallelogram or not in the future?"

The laughing rose once more and Mr. Davis mentally counted from fifty this time as he turned back to the white board and looked at where he was in the problem. Natalie smirked. She enjoyed irritating the hell out of all her teachers. All but Mr. Hisoda for he was her favorite teacher after all.

Mr. Davis jumped as they all heard the shrieking, ear-piercing noise that was the school bell. Everyone looked at Natalie gratefully for she always made the class interesting. Natalie just smiled back knowingly. They all packed their things and exited the room, leaving Mr. Davis to walk over to his chair and slump down.

And it was only the beginning of third period now.



If there was something everyone of East Wind High was aware of, it was that the most popular guy in school was the one and only Daniel Halliwell. Nearly all girls bow down at his feet and nearly all boys want to be his friend or be just like him. Well, there was also Natalie's group of friends, which consisted of four people if you don't include her, who are probably well-known at the school.

Natalie 'Nat' Miracle, Catherina 'Cathy' Miller, Elizabeth 'Z' Mulligan, Alexander 'Alex' Mai, and Yumiko 'Yumi' Mitsuhashi. Otherwise known as the M Five of East Wind since their last names all started with the letter M. Well, before it was M Four until Yumiko transfered to the city from Tokyo.

The M Five had their own table in the cafeteria, despite them never getting the school lunch for they all know that school lunch are completely and always will be inedible. Instead, they all bring their lunch to share with each other, each bringing something different.

They all ate, talking about different topics and such when Alex brought up an interesting subject.

"You know," Alex paused as he finished one of Cathy's homemade sandwiches. "Halliwell asked me what homeroom Nat is in."

The girls of M Five turned to the girl in question who was currently typing away on her laptop, despite it being against school rules. Of course, after the tenth time the faculty had asked her to not bring out electronic items in school, they gave up and the girl was free to use it anytime she wishes, as long as it doesn't disrupt her studying. A few more seconds and Natalie finally looked up at them when she noticed the silence that fell upon the table.

"What?" was her response.

"Ano...Alex-kun just told us that Halliwell-san had asked him what your homeroom was." Yumi answered. Try as they all might, Yumi just couldn't break her habit of adding honofics to everyone's name. Occasionally, she'll slip and speak in Japanese as well.

"So?" was all she said as she returned to her laptop once more.

"So!? Is that all you could say!? SO!?" Cathy exclaimed loudly but not loud enough to be distruptive.

"Cathy, you know perfectly well that Nat has absolutely no interest in boys or love whatsoever." Eliza pointed out as she sipped her drink through a straw.

While the two argued over the topic, Yumi looked at what Natalie was doing on her laptop. Her eyes widened when she noticed that the screen displayed a blueprint of something that looked too much like the White House.

"Ah...Natalie-chan, please don't do anything that will involve the FBI to come to school again." she pleaded.

All she got in response was a smirk.



"I'm home!" Natalie called out to the large house as she took off her shoes and socks once she had closed the door behind her. She put on her slippers and headed to the stairs that would lead to her room on the next floor.

As she passed by the way to the living room, which was connected to the kitchen and dining room, she heard her older brother yelling "You're cooking tonight!" rather loudly. Natalie began wondering what she could cook for dinner as she headed to her room.

Closing the door of her room behind her, she set her backpack down beside her desk and sat on her chair as she spinned her chair around to face the computer. She took out the little black book that was assigned to her and pulled out a pen. Clicking it a few times and opening the computer in boredom and to check her e-mails, she started writing in it.


Notice how I didn't put down 'dear' this time. I found it pointless and useless.

And I'm not goth, no matter how I sound for I know what you're thinking.

Now, since I'm suppose to record my daily things here, I suppose I should write down that Alex had told us (meaning M Five as we're called) that Daniel had asked him what my homeroom was.

You think he'll remember since we're nearly family. Yeah, you read right. You see, he's really my uncle's to-be wife's nephew so we're going to be related soon.

Can I just say oh dear god?

And there's a small chance Daniel actually likes me. Either that or he seriously doesn't know my homeroom and needed to know for that something we're working on.

I probably shouldn't have mentioned that but I'm too lazy to go and white it out. Besides, I can't seem to find my white-out. I think my brother took it.

Damn him to hell.

Natalie Miracle

Closing it, she yawned and went downstairs to the kitchen to begin preparing for dinner. The door clicked as she closed it and if she'd stayed for a few more minutes, she would have know she had received a new e-mail.

Subject: RE: Project Cinderella