Confessions of a Teenage Kleptomaniac

Entry Four

Being Stalked is Freaky but I'm Used to It by Now


I'm finally out of the hospital. And it's Monday. And I got into hospital on Friday. Don't my bones heal fast?

Ignore that question.

Before, I was wishing I could get out of the hospital. Now, I'm wishing I still was in that white, germ-full building that serves terrible food.

Anything to get away from my Stalker. Yes, she deserves caps. She's that scary. She's a whole other species.

I heard Antarctica might be nice this time of year...

Natalie Miracle



Natalie briefly wondered which god she had pissed off today. Maybe it was payback for all the times she had annoyed the hell out of Mr. Davis. Or maybe it was revenge for repeatedly changing the passwords for the Pentagon. Whatever it was, she was seriously beginning to regret doing it.

A/N- I've decided to discontinue this. I have lost all inspiration for this story, which is unfortunate since I had fun writing the previous chapters. I will be sad to see this left in the dust but I just can't finish writing this chapter. Therefore, I left you with this teaser and maybe, some day in the future, I might actually be able to continue.

You are free to use this storyline or even finish it if you wish. And you may also send me hate mail for doing this to you.