There once was a little marshmellow and it's name was AGNES. It was a strawberry marshmellow and one day, it rolled down a hill! It landed in a ditch full of other marshmellows, of all flavors.

"How long have you been here?" Said Agnes.

"Not long," Said the others.

"Oh," Said Agnes, and then she lept on the other marshmellows, to escape.

The marshmallows were not very happy at all so they climbed out of the ditch, and tried to lynch poor old Agnes, so she ran for help and bumped into a squirrel, who took Agnes off to a chemist where they told her to blow up the other marshmellows with earrings. So she took their advice and went back to the ditch where the marshmellows stood, and got a cat to eat them all.

The poor cats mouth got all sticky.



A(s)/N: Okay so... This is a one shot. My best friend, off in England (Bustahead here and on FF.n) and I got bored one day. We decided to do a 'Line by Line'. The Italicized writing it hers... The bold is mine! -Yeah. We are well aware it makes not much sense. It could be well worse. -

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