This is a one-shot story about a girl, that has broken me more then once.

I have fractures still in my heart b/c of her.

Enjoy and plz Read and Review. It lets me know you care.

The Only One

The few words that were said between us was never enough for me. You always had them fooled that you never cared. You seem to want no one to know the true you, but secretly you wanted one person to know. You didn't choose me, You let me in because I was the only one who understood, the only one to let you live free and yet had you safely from the world. Then came me, you broke through my defenses, like they were nothing, to try and find the real me. All you found was the masks I wore, to protect myself. The true me was not under the Masks but I was the Masks. Things seem to show you exactly what I was, even when i wore masks you knew. I was the one you loved beyond any addiction and yet hated me because i wouldnt love you in a sexual way. From that came your lust which grew into such a wanting that when you saw me everything else just disappeared or maybe we are in true love, because when true love meets, time stops and nothing else exists, but those two. We could lay together for house and just enjoy the time. The time was perfect, we could have lived together forever, but my naive side took control and I lost all but my sanity.

If I had ran after you, if i had chased you. would we be together? Would us be you and I once again? The more I think the more I drove you away you said, " I am Free-spirit and you are logical...we aren't compatible." My heart shattered into a million pieces. I then lost the last bit of myself. I was hallow. No happy or sorrow....Why?

"A single Arrow can kill a soul."

"A Heart is too fragile to be fickle and malleable"

"Very Few Roses Last In Life, so Pick them when you need a good thought."

"Can you see the words I write?! You are the dream I never should have dreamed but I would do it all over again. You are like a sweet drink that is slipping through my fingers, I cant hold you....Why?!'

- March 24th 2009-

-March 26th 09-

Very Few realize the life we have to play, the people that have past and the ones who are still here. Life doesnt exist without death and yet the life we are given is wasted on nothing. More then most have chosen to kill themselves because of nothing but a simple problem. So many die young and most die by their own hands. The sorrow they bring on doesnt matter too many.

-March 26th 09 (late)-

Life seems a joke to many but with those who do are far too many. Those that take life as a joke or even takes it lightly can destroy more then their own life.

-April 15th 2009 (wrote on May 5th 09)-

I sit here alone with nothing but music playing in the background. I have found a way to finally get lover her. I have found that she is beneath me. She has left him, for another that isnt me. And i am glad that it wasnt me. I have found that my life doesnt need to be dwelling on a lost cause. I could saved her but sadly I know it wouldn't work. very few have the wisdom to let a caged human(that has caged itself) be left alone. A female that cages herself isnt a person that is needed in my life. To realize this, I had to be drunk and stupid. Interestingly enough I dont need it or her anymore. With the experience that my friends have given me. (Chris, Bell, Chauncey, and Matt) I have become immune to her ways. She lusts to be able to control me but she is afraid of what she might lose when she wins me. Sadly, her powers cant affect me anymore. She will live with the knowledge that she lost me because she didnt act when she should have. Now she had decided to be a whore and a bitch with no real reason for it. So with this in mind, I have finally realized that I am better off without her. Yet I will use this to my advantage in writing.

-Wayne D. Hiebert-