A/N- A little something I wrote for the school poetry contest. We haven't found out the results yet.


Reflected in your eyes

The flames dance endlessly, dangerously,

Rockets whizzing into eternity

As the shadows of the night grow longer.

Oohs and Aahs from excited children

Their small hands fisted tight,

The railing bent from them leaning closer

During their first display.

Adults watch with enjoyment

Contours of fascinated expression faded by time,

Countless fireworks and many years

Tradition wills their coming.

The flames rise into the air

As the moon shimmers from the heat,

The golds, blues and reds of rockets flying overhead

Transfiguring into squalls of smoke that sail the light winds.

A Guy Fawkes made by children smoulders

Sitting atop the ardent bonfire,

The burning etching faded history into our memories

As our hands are warmed by his death.

Catherine wheels spin into life

Marking the end of the show,

But above our beds the fireworks blaze on

Satisfying the hungering religion of tradition that never ends.