Streams of Concious Knowledge

I know

There will be a day when this shall be in the distant past

So hurry up and wait while my tears come fast

Consoled by my faith- JESUS shall keep me


In HIS arms HE carries me all day long

I feel HIS tears as mine blurr my vision

Hear HIS weeping as I sobb on HIS shoulder


"It's alright -you'll be just fine,

I know this is hard my child - just allow yourself to cry.

It's no weakness to ME, I'm forever here for you,

Just stay put- for I have plans,"

"But how can I go on when it hurts me so?"

With a smile, HE catches another tear,

And holding me close, whispers softly in my ear:

"My child, oh my little one,

Do you not yet know?

I have not suffered this with you,

Just to let you go.

So be of good cheer, and ligthness in heart.

For all MY plans for you are just about to start."


I look upon HIS glowing face,

And hug HIM all the tighter for HIS everlasting grace.

Now I know that I am forever HIS-

For HIS grace is sufficient --

I'm convinced of this.


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