If Kings are but Kings for an hour
If Gods are but Gods for a day
If seeds must so quickly turn flower
and flowers so soon blow away

If the stars cannot be stars forever
If rivers must all wind to sea
If "tomorrow" so soon turns to "never"
How long can you stay here with me?

If Love is but Love for a minute
If Life meets its Death in a night
Then this Life and the Love that is in it
have only the moment to fight

If the sun cannot shine here forever
If every road must reach a bend
If "tomorrow" so soon turns to "never"
as every day reaches its end

If every tree fails in the winter
If each season passes us by
If each fire dies in a cinder
If every "hello" is "goodbye"

If I cannot love you forever
If we'd just as soon send off as greet
If love's bonds are so soon to sever
If Time's such a hard foe to beat

If "tomorrow" so soon turns to "never"
If each forward step's a retreat
If you cannot love me forever
Then why did we bother to meet?