Elat Yriaf

Without water, you wouldn't be here. Sitting in your chair with the fire blazing, reading comfortably, as the earth falls apart around you. You pollute it and take it for granted, but never think about what you would do if you didn't have it. What any living thing would do. You're made out of water. You need it to survive. There would be no ocean, no fish swimming around, no shore for you to sun bathe or play games with your friends. But what do you care about water? Why should you be concerned?


Well without the sun you wouldn't be too concerned about water. Nothing would be living or growing, which water is used for. It's amazing how a ball of gas so far away can keep a plant alive. But yet again you're taking advantage of this source. You don't bow down to it, thank god every morning for it (unless of course your some religious nut, but I don't want to get into that). You sometimes even yell at it if it's too hot, which isn't exactly its fault if you want to get technical. It's the humans burning of fossil fuels and putting holes in the ozone layer. But putting this issue behind us for just a moment, water and the sun seem to be the most important things on this earth…so to speck.

So what happens when they come together? I'm not talking about pouring water all over the sun, oh heavens no. But when they join together at sunset and sunrise, it's one of the most important and beautiful things even seen by any species eyes.

When the sun and water come together at these two times, such beauty and wonder occur that most go into a zone of peace that can not be rivaled. Humans tend to forget whatever that is ailing them, forget that their life is slowly ticking away, and become inspired by the swirl of colors formed, and the picture perfect moment of the earth at its finest.

Out of these two moments, sunset seems to be the bigger issue.

Over the centuries humans and species of all kinds have been in a mutual argument about the sunset. I do not have enough knowledge, time, nor patience to go into the full argument, since the time explaining it would go until the end of your days, but in basic there are three general sides. Those who think that sunset is the marking for the end.

After the short time humans have on this earth, its marks the last goodbye of a species, the beautiful, but deadly descent. For others it is only the beginning, of a new life, and adventure that can't even be imagined…blahblahblah. Of course there are those who argue it is both, the end of the old and beginning of the new (which is my belief) which causes the whole thing to start over again and to go into more twist and turns and such, that I become bored and no longer caring about the whole affair.

You, yourself may be becoming bored already, and wondering what this has to do with anything. But, I got you to think, to start to question the things around you, and with this open mind, is the way you will have to read this story, my story, if you wish to get anything out of it. Just because humans have a hard time accepting things. Things are pounded into your mind at a young age, and when you start to question or think outside the box, they beat you down again until you are just as broken as the rest of the society. Now don't get me wrong. Not all humans are stupid and or brainwashed. There are some who have tried to speak out, or tell the world what's really going on. But either they're quieted and never heard, or get the facts wrong. Because your government doesn't want you to know we exist, but we can't hide for much longer. The humans are going to be in danger if they don't know, and it's time for you to come out of your shell.

There are other dimensions on this earth other then the one humans live in. This, like the argument over sunset, is a subject I don't know much about, and doubt humans would comprehend, let alone accept. But the main dimension, (other then the one you live in, which is considered the Loraimne dimension, in our realm, if you were wondering) is consider the Seilare realm, which is what we will refer to it as, as the real name is much too long and hard to spell. That is all you will have to know for now about the dimensions, and it is already more then any other person (using the term vaguely) will tell you. If you are reading this document in the hopes of learning all the dimensions (realms) and how to access them, then you will be disappointed. Accessing our realm is not possible to do for any human or any other unwanted visitors, for that matter, from your dimension. But we can get to yours, which is how we first became known so many centuries ago.

I guess the blame can sit on the shoulders of the creatures known as fairies. They are the one species that you human got close to identifying with both the correct name (which is indeed simple to do for any species) and by physical characteristics. I believe the definition of a fairy for you humans is: A tiny imaginary being in human form, depicted as clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers, usually having wings or bug like characteristics.

Well. It's rather close.

Although, you should be proud of yourself, you at least collected the correct (by some standards) information by what you have seen. Because the creatures that travel to your realm only allow you to see what they want you to see, which is why humans are so apt to finding fairies good and sweet.

I for one hate fairies. Therefore I won't waste my time describing them for much longer. They are annoying little things, that have a strong resemblance to a demon in their true form. Truthfully, the only difference between them and demons (demon is an old term used by all of the realms on earth) are the fact they are much smaller, and can transform into the image you would recognize them as. They're horrid little things with bad tempers, and sharp little teeth that make them a not so good pet. They also aren't to terribly bright, which causing them (most of the time) to be easily manipulated which is a dreadful thing as you will come to see it. Other then this, they are actually a rather boring species, and have no real purpose in life.

But I'm terribly upset to see what you humans have done with elves and goblins. Elves, in your stories (and I'm not talking about the little munchkins that work for Santa for no pay and no future other then making toys) all seem to be humans but with pointy ears and immortality. And Goblins are made to look like horrid little toad like creatures that are just as evil (and ugly) as demons and find joy in torturing people.

There are no such things as elves. Nothing with the meaning you give, or a name even close to that in our realm, and nothing, I repeat, nothing ever lives forever. You humans call something immortal just because you've never seen it die. As for Goblins, you are using a correct name of a species for something it does not and never will, pertain to. Although I must confess that Goblins aren't exactly…well the prettiest thing on earth, but they are extremely useful, and loyal. But do not for one second think of them as a 'good pet'; they are smart little things that do have a bad temper at times.

And of course, before we can get much farther I must inform you how wrong you were about vampires. I have read many books about vampires, all making fun of the old myths (whether these author's say they are true or not) and making up new ones so that you can't really be sure on what a vampire is, or does.

But unlike the dimensions and sunset issues, I am much more knowledgeable on this subject. My dearest friend is a vampire, and he in fact has read some of your human books and has laughed, which (trust me) does not happen often. My dear friend does resemble some basic characteristics of yours, but as for the rest, I am about to educate you.

Vampires were first created by you humans. Are you familiar with the disease known to you as Anemia? If not, then you will be pleased to hear the definition: A quantitative deficiency of the hemoglobin, often accompanied by a reduced number of red blood cells and causing pallor, weakness, and breathlessness. Also lack of power, vigor, vitality, or colorfulness.

Sound familiar?

So back when the human species was a little bit less concerned with hygiene and more concerned with dragons and witches, they had no idea what Anemia was. So the lack in color, losing of blood, and sickness was soon turned into the myth of Vampires.

So where do the pointy teeth and need for blood come in?

Well, to tell you the truth. That was our fault. My realm felt like playing one little trick on you guys for your (in lack of a better term) stupidity, and took one of the ailing people (his name happened to be Dugan) and turned him into what you feared. The whole thing got out of hand, and we are forbidden to talk about it…in most cases. As for the garlic, any person hates the smell of it, it's just repulsing, and you can't blame vampires (who have an excellent sense of smell) for hating it so.

As for killing them, why on earth would I tell you how to kill my friend?

Forgive me for wandering into the world of vampires, for I am greatly interested in this subject. But now, for you humans last fault, for our realm (well, at the moment.)

There is one species that you haven't even paid attention too. Mine.

We're the Elviea and we're humanities last hope.