Her eyes still glisten

But not from the tears

Her eyes glisten

From the laughter and

The smiles.

You make her smile

Like no one else can

She's not perfect and

She knows.

She talks to much,

She never wears make-up

Sometimes her hair isn't straight

And she smells like cholrine

She doesn't care what people think,

She likes to laugh

And she tries to be cute.

She wants you to love her,

Like no one else.

Maybe you do,

Maybe you will

But until then don't say that you do

Don't tell her the ultimate lie,

Don't promise her anything,

Just hug her and kiss her,

Make her smile and laugh.

Just don't hurt her because

I don't think her heart can take it

Just make her luagh and dry her tears,

Please don't hurt her

Because boy,

You had her at hello.