Hi, everyone! This is a short story I wrote for an English project. It is rated K.. which is amazing because most of my writings usually aren't. Reyna is not a made up character. She's actually someone I know. Anyways. Enjoy! Then R&R.

The Unfortunate Knight

In a kingdom called Acent, there lived a Queen who ruled over the Acentians.

"REYNA!" A booming voice echoed within the castle walls. It sent chills up the spines of all Queen Angelina's servants. The Queen stormed up the spiral staircase and burst through the doors of a young knight's room.

"Y-your Majesty…" Reyna looked down at her thin body structure. She felt inferior to the large and angry Queen, whose face was red with raging anger.

"Go fetch him!" The ruler of Acent commanded.

"Y-yes, my Queen," Reyna stumbled out of the door quickly and ran down the stairs fast. In fact, she ran so fast that she caused a servant to spin around in circles.

"Good lord Reyna! Slow down, will you?" The man grinned at his clumsy friend.

"I'm sorry Jonathan! The Queen told me to find Prince Billy," Reyna explained.

"Was it not your turn to take care of the boy?" Jonathan questioned.

"Well… I kind of left him outside for a bit to play while I went to comb my hair," she mumbled, and then pointed to her straight, blonde hair, "You like it?"

"Go find him," the servant sighed and shook his head at the silly knight.

Reyna walked out onto the yard that ran on for acres and acres. It was a wonderful place for a five-year-old boy to play in. She and Prince Billy had been playing hide and go seek, but for Reyna, it was more of hide and go comb her hair. For the next

hour, Reyna searched everywhere, but the boy was nowhere to be found, so she finally gave up, and walked back into the castle.

"Jonathan! This tea tastes utterly disgusting! I told you to put exactly two sugars and two milks! Not one, not three, TWO!" Queen Angelina glared at the servant.

"S-sorry, Your Highness," He took the cup, and then scurried towards the kitchen.

The Queen heard the door creak open and yelled, "REYNA IS THAT YOU?"

"I wish it weren't…" Reyna muttered under her breath as she dragged her feet towards the oversized living room, "Yes, it is I."

Prince Billy wasn't next to the knight, "Where is he?" the Queen's eyes narrowed on her.

"I… couldn't find him…" Reyna mumbled, and prepared herself for an explosion.

"What do you mean you can't find him? He was your responsibility!"

"I-I know… I'm sorry," Reyna looked down. What had she done now?

"I don't care how sorry you are! Get out of my sight and don't come back until you have found my son, or you'll be beheaded!" There was practically steam coming out of the Queen's head.

That's when Reyna agreed, went upstairs, and put on her armor. A few minutes later, she appeared at the top of the spiral staircase. The Queen stood by the front door awaiting her. Reyna thought this was a chance to prove to the Queen that she was indeed, a worthy knight. The thought was soon erased when she attempted to walk down the stairs, tripped, and tumbled down to the bottom, ending it all with a loud "CLANK". The Queen shook her head disapprovingly, pointing the way out for the knight.

"Looks like you could use some help," Jonathan pulled Reyna up, and added, "the Queen has asked me to help you."

About two hours later, Jonathan and Reyna were walking quietly through the yard. They decided that Prince Billy probably wandered into the woods and then the wilderness. They walked a few more miles and arrived in the wilderness, then sat down.

"The servants said you'd die trying to survive, let alone find him," said Jonathan.

"The other servants are right. I'm useless. I should just give up," she sighed.

"We can do this together, or die trying," he smiled causing her to do the same.

They ventured on until they heard a distant sound that was heard nearby. There, they saw Prince Billy in a fetal position, and a large grizzly bear next to him. It had huge claws and grueling teeth that looked extremely dangerous.

"Oh look! Prince Billy made a cute cuddly friend!" Reyna grinned at the bear.

"Umm… Reyna? T-that's no friendly teddy bear," Jonathan's jaw dropped, "help him!"

Reyna was attempting to pet the bear, until it roared at her, and sent her stumbling into a tree. She felt pain in her head as she landed on the roots of a tree trunk.

"Why you little!" Reyna started ranting.

"REYNA PULL OUT YOUR SWORD!" Jonathan yelled.

"I'm trying!" she fumbled with the sword so much that it went flying into the air and as if it were a miracle, it fell straight down, and stabbed the bear.
Jonathan stared at the dead bear, "Err… that works too."

"I knew you could do it. Just believe in yourself a bit more." Jonathan smiled.

"Thanks… I guess your right," she grinned, "Now I won't be beheaded!"

"Can we please kill another bear?" The boy's eyes filled with excitement.

"I think I'll stick to teddy bears from now on," Reyna chuckled as the headed back to the castle.