What if I Were a Christmas Light?

December 2006

A/N: Just a random line that popped into my head, and I thought it'd make a good poem. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

What if I were a Christmas light,
What new things would I know?
What different new perspective would come
From behind the soft white glow?

I wonder if I'd realize
My own beauty, on this tree.
Or would I tire of being a light
And long to be something other than me?

Perhaps I'd long to be an ornament,
Hanging from the prickling branches of pine.
Or maybe I'd long to be the golden star
And from the tree-top I'd shine.

Maybe sometimes I'd feel restless,
Bored with life as a Christmas tree light.
Maybe, for fun, I might blink out
Just to annoy my fellows and pick a fight.

Or maybe life wouldn't be that boring,
Maybe the things around would be enough to excite.
To watch the cat beneath the tree, batting at a branch,
Or hear the people speak of Santa, and his Christmas Eve flight.

Maybe I'd be proud to glow
When the kids come in on Christmas morn.
To shine so bright on a joyful sight
As they sing of a baby being born.

It can only be imagined, living annually on a tree.
Also what it must feel like, to radiate so bright
But only that which can't speak
Could tell what it's like to be a Christmas light.

A/N: A bit choppy in places; the rhyming's a bit off. But review anyway, please! Greatly appreciated, maybe for a Christmas gift: )