The one thing I cry for

My most constant plea

Is a friend in whom I can trust

One who will never leave me

I'm done with backstabbers

Those who never cared

I poured my heart into those friends

When I hurt most, none were there

I used to talk to my dolls

And pretend they were real

I'm too old for it now-

Do you think that means I don't feel?

And I go to my youth group

Friday without fail

And I make an effort to love and be loved

To no avail

None of them love me

Though I've not earned their hate

I'm just not likeable

I realised too late

And all of a sudden

I hear You in my heart

"Remember I died for you.

What can tear us apart?"

You love me, Lord

Such a constant, loyal Friend

You don't badmouth or rumour

My God, You've no end.