Water Break
The Unforgettable Sound
Rating: R

It all started when my wife Amy broke her leg on vacation. Our son, Daniel, had to go to swimming lessons (because Amy and I never learned how to swim). Amy couldn't take him...soo...I had to.

It was a great experience, I'll give it that. So different, too. Like, the first person to talk to either of us was a little boy.

"Hi, I'm Ashleigh," he said. An older man--who looked about my age--came up next to him.

"I'm Daniel. I like your goggles," and the two went off to swim. Daniel's five--he'd be starting school if Amy had thought he was emotionally ready, so he's home with us for another year.

"It's clear Ash wants us to be aqquainted," he said, extending a hand. His voice was deep and I liked it, whether I would've admitted it then or not. "I'm Ryan,"

"Mitch," I said with a smile. "How old is your son?"

He laughed and I melted. What was with these weird reactions? Around a guy!? "Oh, he's not mine. He's my nephnew. He's five,"

"I see. Do you have any kids?" I asked, crossing my arms.

Ryan laughed again. "Oh, no. I'm a single, homosexual man. With no adopted kids. I'm completely alone,"

"Ah. That's cool,"

"And you?" he asked. At this point, I wasn't sure if he watned to date me or if he was curious because he told me he was gay.

"I'm married. That's my son, Daniel," I couldn't help but wish that Amy would've been there. Who says women can't do anything? They can get a gay man to leave a straight one alone.

I don't mind homosexuals. It's when they start flirting with me--that's when it gets creepy.

How did I know he was flirting with me!? That's right, I didn't!...Did I? Oh, god if I'm gay why couldn't it have been realied before I got married?!

"He's adorable," Ryan said. Again, I melted. The sad part about all this, was this guy--very cute, very sexy guy, I might add--was giving me a hardon faster than my wife was. That's what was sad. Being 25 and going through what was supposed to be thought about during my teen years was the worst part. The best part? Well...You'll find out.

"Thanks," I managed to choke out. He smiled at me.

"I know you're straight and that you're married, but maybe you'd like to go out for coffee someday?" Ryan asked. It's like my eyes were trained to stare at his eyes, because even when I'd blink, nothing would happen. "Err...Mitch?"

"Oh, um, yeah...I'd like that," I whispered. He smiled before giving me a slip of paper with his number on it and calling for Ash to find his group. Daniel came up to me, asking what the paper was.

"I'm having coffee with Ashleigh's uncle," I said, pointing at him. Ryan smiled and waved as he realized I was pointing at him, and I realized the only polite thing to do was to wave back. So I did.

"Oh. I have to pee and then we can go home and wait until Thursday. I don't want to try swimming yet," Daniel said, bouncing off to the bathroom. I set my head in my hands and Ryan must have taken this as a bad sign, because he came over to me.

"Are you alright?" he asked with a touch to my shoulder. I jumped but smiled when I saw it was him. I shook my head.

"I'm not. I feel...I don't know what I feel. Maybe I feel confused. In more ways than one," he sat down next to me and I wondered if Daniel's still changing.

Ryan came closer to me. "Confused as in how?"

"Well, being gay is what most people think about when their teenagers, right? I'm twenty five and I'm thinking about it. And also, you're giving me a hardon quicker than my wife and I barely know you," I admitted in a mumble, but Ryan still heard it. And smiled, taking the slip of paper from my hand.

"You know..." he started to say in a low voice. "You don't just have to call this number for coffee dates..." Ryan's lips touched my ear as he whispered. "You can call for anything," he kissed the side of my head as he gave me the slip back before standing up and calling to Ashleigh.

Daniel was standing a few feet away from me. "Daddy?" he asked, his voice quiet.


"Did he kiss you?" he questioned, bringing his hands up to his mouth. I looked down at him, knowing that if I said anything, it'd get around to Amy at the dinner table.

I shook my head. "Of course not, kiddo," I said with a ruffle of his hair as we left the pool. And in those few moments, I knew I'd be calling Ryan before the week was over.

Finally, when Thursday came, I begged Amy to let Daniel start next week. She, after a lot of talking and convincing, finally said she'd take him in and stay with him if I brought her in. I agreed.

"Bye, I'll see you guys later," I called from the drivers window. Amy glared at me, the look in her eyes telling me that there would be hell to pay.

Oh, well. I was about to fucking cheat on my wife with another man--well, kind of--and so she could be pissed at me.

After I was a few moments away from the pool, I took my cell phone out and dialed Ryan's phone number. After a few rings, a woman picked up. "Hello?"

"Hi, is Ryan there?" I asked, turning right and parking in front of a green house.

"Yeah, just a minute," there was a bit of rustling and finally Ryan got on the phone.

"Hello?" I forgot to breathe. No oxygen could get to my lungs until he said "hello?" again.

"Ryan, it's...It's Mitch," can you imagine the smirk on his face????

"I figured...How're you doing?"

"Good, good...listen, uhh...is there somewhere I can meet you? I...I need to talk to someone,"

"Oh, yeah. I'm babysitting Ash again but you're welcome to come to my house," he said. I imagined him with Ashleigh in a house and just about moaned out loud thinking of how good a lover he's got to be...Which makes absolutely no sense, if you ask me...

I could barely manage to mumble out "where do you live" before I started shaking. He told me that he lived in a green house and I looked to my right. A green house. "What street?"


"Oh, alright...I'll see you in a few minutes, alright?"

"Alright. Bye..."

"Bye," I said, putting my phone back down. I turned around and looked at the street name. 1923th. I had been sitting outside of his house for the past five minutes.