Context Clues

It could be a bad thing when

A razor blade can elicit

Thought process. And, sometimes, the

Happiest moments in life can

Sculpt the saddest memories.

The tears come in convuslions when

I can hear them playing you

On one more of those overused,

Static radio stations.

Dead inside. Haven't felt this way

In such a long while that

It could have almost seemed foreign.

I feigned apathy in your

Face, the tears come in convulsions.

Eat dinner by candle light:

Milkshakes, chicken and Steak Burgers,

Love letters in the A.M.

And all our smiles juxtaposed

With this small household dagger.

Cut straight onto California

Avenue, where I love to

Be touched and no one wanted to

Touch me. It's literature,

Made perfect by living real life.

With you is to happiness

As miss you is to misery.

The tears come in convulsions.