A City On A Hill

Chapter One: The Best Place To Live

Michael Brown and his father were unpacking their things from

large boxes which were used to hold things when they traveled to Farr.

Michael's father got tired of London life and so he bought land, packed up

his things and left like the other million English who left Britain to settle

Farr. Michael was 15 and of course he didn't like the move.

" Dad, of all the places you could of moved to you come here?" asked

Michael after being very impatient with a stubborn box which he couldn't

open for some reason. Michael's dad shook his head and smiled.

" Son... this is probably the best place on Earth. Wide open spaces to breathe

with the wind in your hair and the sun shining down on your face... this is

the land for me," he said wishfully. He began putting pictures on the shelves

of their new home. It was a small house but good enough for only two

people. He looked at a particular frame and stared at it suddenly looking

twenty years older.

" I guess the move has been hard on us since the accident but we need to

start again. No drowning in our misery or wasting the time we have on this

Earth Mike," he said sadly.

Michael stared into empty space. He remembered the accident as well. He

and his father, two sisters and mother were taking a bus tour through the

United States one night. It was raining pretty hard but no one thought

anything could happen right? Wrong. The bus flipped over crushing his

sisters and mother. Sparing he and his father but also leaving Michael with

a small scar on his left cheek.

Michael felt a dull ache as usual when he thought about that day but he

forgot that ache as soon as dad got to work again.

Suddenly a small bottle smashed through the window leaving a million little

pieces of glass everywhere. A distant voice in the dark cried out saying -

" Go home you limey bastards!"

Suddenly Farr didn't seem like the best place to live anymore.