1Chapter Two: Bloodbath at the Big Hole

A day had passed from when a bottle was thrown through Michael and his dad's new

home. The police were called and assurances were made to find the culprits of this

vandalism but at that point Michael just wanted to go to sleep which he did. Now it's the

day after and his first day of school in his new country and home.

His dad drove him that morning to his new school: Hartwoods Public School. The

school was fairly large and when he walked through the glass doors of his school he felt

odd seeing so many people he didn't know. People were moving this way and that but

a larger group of people we're jostling to see a sign on the wall. Michael took his place

in this free for all to see what it said. It was simply a notice telling which student

which homeroom he was in. He Michael Brown was assigned to room 218 on the third

floor. He was shoved aside by a few people who pointed to 218 and left. Michael quickly

realized it was best to follow them.

Michael went up two flights of stairs sticking to these people like glue. One of them a

boy with an odd mushroom cut looked at Michael and asked

" Yo! Why are you following us?" with a grin on. Michael was bit nervous when the

boy looked at him so abruptly but found his vocal chords and replied

" I'm heading to 218 and I think you guys are too. So I followed you... yea I'm new.."

The mushroom cut headed boy just nodded and picked up a conversation with a girl

whom Michael thought was very pale and blonde.

Soon they arrived there and took their seats. More people came in who they high-five'd,

prop'sed or as in the Mushroom cut kid did.. hug.

After awhile some talked to Michael for a minute or two but it was all getting to know

you talk and kinda boring. The bell rung. The national anthem to the Queen went on and

introductions began as well. A lecture on the school rules began and then the handing

out of schedules. Michael's first class was Social Science, followed by Science, Math and


On his way to Social Sciences he got lost. Twice but eventually with some question

asking he found his way there. His explanation for his lateness was that he was new. He

took his seat at the front. The teacher wore glasses and looked to be around middle aged.

His hair grizzled black, grey and white was everywhere nearly Einstein like.

"Take your seats!" he bellowed and at once students began to sit. " For those who

do not know me I'm Mr. Collins and of course I teach Social Sciences, we're not gonna

read the course outline because it's a waste of my time and yours. This class is about

Revolution and how it changes our lives. From the Industrial to the Digital to right here

on Farr... we're no longer the deprived huddling in masses for now we're the intelligent

which knows the world and what a government can and cannot do and so.. " A knock

interrupted the speech Mr. Collins had entrapped the class. He headed to the door

and opened and standing there were two police men. One of them broad across the chest

and stocky and another tall and skinny.

" Mr. Collins.. You are under arrest for disturbing the peace during last year's.." he

was interrupted by Mr. Collins who said

" The peace! That rally and protest was to enlighten the peace you so called police

officers are sworn to protect! You may arrest me but there's others who will rise up and

take my place!" he shouted.

The stocky one getting visibly agitated now began to speak.

" Now you can go quietly or we'll have to take you, your choice Mr. Collins" he said.

" Try me," said Collins as he punched the tall one in the gut while chopping the stocky

one's throat. While the tall one recoiled from the blow and bent double over Collins

clenched his fists together and brought them down on the tall one's back while

simultaneously kicking his gut again. By now the stocky man had recovered from acute

shock and now his adrenaline kicked in. He plowed into Collins bashing Collins against

his desk and began punching him heavily. Collin tried to block the blows but eventually

the stocky one's brute strength won out and Collins was dragged out of the classroom

with blood flowing freely from his nostrils and his temple. The tall one left the classroom

slamming the door shut.

Students began to leave their classrooms seeing other teachers dragged out as well

and thrown in police vehicles. Michael saw his classmates frantically calling their parents

on cell phones. Some girls who were in his class were crying.

Michael's mind was frozen. Never in his whole life had he seen someone so beaten up.

Never in his whole life had he seen something so violent. He ran over to a kid who had

just finished talking on his cell phones.

" Can I make a call? I'll be quick I swear," he said quickly even mincing his words up

in the process.

" Sure," replied the kid.

He dialed his house number but it was the wrong one. He had forgotten it. He clenched

the phone trying to think back to remember what it was... he had it. He dialed again

and his dad picked up.

" Hello?" asked Michael's father.

" Dad... something bad happened at school," he said very fast.

" Wait... what happened?" his dad ask. He could feel the panic rising in his Dad's speech.

" I dunno.. Cops came and took teachers away for some reason. My teacher got beat up

badly," he said.

"Ok... I'm coming to pick you up. I love you, stay put got it?" said his Dad.

" Yea ok, bye" he said and pressed a button to end the conversation. He was lucky. Some

kids had to walk home but his dad who had retired then come here stayed at home. He

was lucky.

He turned around only to get knocked down by the kid with the Mushroom hair cut.

"Sorry man," the kid helped him up.

"By the way my name is Dave," he said.

They both stood there staring at the ground for a while both remembering what

happened in their classroom that morning until a loud engine hum brought them back

to Earth. Around 20 trucks with people dressed in ordinary clothing holding rifles came

by. People were even crammed in the back of the truck. Dave seeing this yelled at the

people in the trucks.

" Dad, Tony! What's going on?" he yelled at them. That truck kept on going albeit a little

slower but fast enough for Tony not to get a response but a nod from his father and a

wave from his brother. The pale girl came up to Dave.

" I just saw your dad right?' she asked with a bit of fear in her eyes.

" Yea, " Dave looking in the direction of where is father and brother went.

" They say that they're going to rescue the teachers," she said while wiping away some


" What? They'll get massacred won't they?" asked Michael with some fear now too.

" No ," replied Dave. "They go hunting twice a month all of 'em. I think the cops will

get massacred. They do nothing but eat donuts most of the time. Say.. Where do you


" Oh, 10 Fullerton drive ," replied Michael.

" Ok. I'll come and pick you up. We're gonna go see what's gonna happen. We can miss

out on this. This is... history!" he exclaimed and it was to Michael. Nothing like this has

ever, ever happened to him before. He couldn't miss out.

" Well I'm gonna look for my dad. I guess I'll see you tonight. How about you?" he

asked the girl.

" No. I'm going home," she said.

They both said bye and he went among the throng of people in panic. Some were

sitting in the grass being comforted by others. Others were talking about the new

development of the people in the trucks. He reached the curb of the school and there

he saw his dad.

On the way home he recounted his tale to his dad. There was some panic in the streets.

There was more traffic than usual. People were rushing to get home to their families.

It took awhile to get home but by the time he got there he felt very drained and went into

his room, shut the door and flopped on his bed staring at the ceiling.

His dad lied about this place. It may be nice on the outside but look inside and the

whole place was falling apart. Police taking teachers away in the middle of lessons.

Armed gangs of people taking the law into their own hands. He was in a war zone.

Soon his meditations carried him off to sleep.

A light knock on the door woke him. It was his dad.

" Someone is at the door to see you," he said.

Michael went downstairs and opened the closet to put on his jacket.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

" Dad.. You lied to me. You lied about this place," said Michael. His voice and

anger rising simultaneously.

" What.. No. I didn't know this place was..." he looked at Dave and pondered for a

second while Michael was putting on his shoes.

" Chaotic.. As it was. Your staying home tonight," he said.

" No. I'm gone," said Michael. He walked briskly and closed the door.

Michael ran out of his driveway and Dave quickly followed.

" What was that?" yelled David as he jogged along with him.

" Nothing," replied Michael.

Minutes later they were on a road lit by the moonlight of Farr. Beside the road were

the cypress and willowing willows. The wind was weird though. It smelled of something

pungent. Like blood... yet Michael and Dave continued. Trucks rushed past them

occasionally and they came to a swampy area where the smell was the strongest.

" They call this place the Big Hole. It's a swamp but right over there you'd drown

in the mud if you went there," he said. A shot was heard followed by what had seemed

like a million shots. Dave and Michael panicked running down the road fearing they'd

be shot. They ran up a hill adjacent to the swamp and there they saw it. Michael could

see the policemen in their distinctive olive green uniform with men wearing helmets and

holding rifles. On the bluffs surrounding the Big Hole were men showering bullets on

them. The men in the hole were sinking quickly in the mud while being shot at from

above. So, Dave was right. It was a massacre and the first battle in a long war.