Who love too much, hate in the like extreme.
Homer - Odyssey

She was happy

He could tell as she strode out of the store. Her expression was impassive, but he had studied her enough to read her body language. Her glamour and presence were always evident, but not her delight.

He recognized the bounce in her step as she drifted gracefully through the milling crowd.

He followed her.

He loved the way she smiled. The way her eyes lit up and her dimples creased her cheeks. The way she tossed her hair, how the heavenly locks caught the light and flashed golden fire. He loved the way she spoke. The way she dressed. The way she moved.

He loved her.

She crossed the car park towards the silver convertible, digging into her purse for her keys.

He watched her.

He often imagined that she loved him back. That he was the one she came home to. That he was the one who bought her that car. That he was the one she showed her gratitude so vigorously later that night.

He watched them.

But he was not so foolish to believe that he was the one that had captured her heart. No. That honor belonged to the Other. That…joker. His lip curled in disgust at the thought of that vile creature kissing her, touching her…

He wanted her.

So he followed her back to her house. He sat outside her kitchen window, listening to her preparing dinner. The exquisite aroma of the meal wafted through the air.

She sang as she cooked.

He smiled as he listened to her. The voice of the angels pierced the cool evening air. His heart sang with her…

A car door slammed. The Other was here.

He scowled as he listened to her joyous greeting. They exchanged light, loving conversation whilst they ate.

It had been a beautiful day.

But beware beautiful days. Bad things happened on beautiful days.