I'll Tell You When It Doesn't Matter Anymore

"I love you."

Three words that I'll never say to you—
at least, not how I want to.

Why can't I just tell you?
I don't know how you'd react,
but should it matter?
How I feel about you
has nothing to do with anyone else.

Not even her.

What do you see in her?
What does she do for you that I can't?
Why do you say you love her and not me?

Everyone tells me that
your relationship is based
on one thing alone—

So why am I trying to make you see
that you don't need her?
I know I'm just wasting my time.

Damn it all, I love you.
I don't even know why anymore.

What's the point in loving someone
if you know that they'll never love you back,
that you can never tell them that you love them that way?

Why do I still love you?

I'll tell you someday, maybe…
but only if it doesn't matter anymore.