I love summer. Not just because of the extremely drool worthy guys walking around shirtless to perv on, or because the fashion is so much better, or even because everyone seems happier and more relaxed, but because summer is the time for NO SCHOOL! Hell yes! That's right, three months of checking out previously stipulated guys with your friends, shopping, partying and just blobbing.

Well that was my plan for my summer holidays anyway... but my parents? Yeah, they seemed to have a completely different plan in mind, one that they failed to tell me about until the last moment. Like always. I mean, hell-o, would it kill them to keep me in the loop so I have more time to get out of the loop... aka their devious plans?!

Oh oops, there I go again. Ranting without even introducing myself! The name's Cassidy Liz Ella Orange. But I go by Cleo. And yes... my last name is Orange… and no this does not give you license to mock me.

"Cassie darling!! Are you ready yeeeet?" The lilting voice of my mother carried upstairs. My parents are the only people left in the world who actually use my first name in some form; even my little sister calls me Cleo.

"Yeah yeah keep your pants on…" I muttered as I dragged my luggage downstairs.

"Oh I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" That annoying high pitched yelling belongs to my angel faced, psychotic little sister, Marissa. I say angel faced because Marissa is like my exact replica, minus my wild brown curls, concrete slate grey eyes, porcelain complexion and curvaceous body (considering puberty hasn't quite hit her yet). Apart from that we look like twins, except for you know, the large age gap, me being seventeen and her like six. Oh my, imagine if we had been twins! Mom would've been giving birth for eleven years.

Yes, because that idea isn't impossible. Ahem. Anywho...

My father figure, aka my father, walked into the lounge with a big goofy smile on his face, "I'm super duper excited too hon, this will be a fabulously great vacation!!!"

Gees dad, use superlatives much? (Note the sarcasm)

"Can you at least tell us where we're going?" I asked with a pout. So what if I'm seventeen, I'm allowed to pout. I'm probably coming off as a premenstrual biatch right now... but you would be too if you'd had your entire plans ruined for the holidays to be replaced with a month of a superlative loving dad, a mom who would give Martha Stewart a run for her money and the most conniving little sister in the entire world...

"Aw Cassie, where's the fun in that? It's a surprise!"

Gees... it sure is fun not knowing what hole you'll be spending time with your family in. I ambled out to the car, opened the door and collapsed into the seat with a dramatic sigh. Five minutes or so later, the family decided to join me and so we set off. I swear if Marissa doesn't stop singing that stupid Barney song soon, I will kill her.

Few Hours Later

My eyes drifted open and the words, "Are we there yet?" tumbled out of my mouth immediately.

"We will be in two minutes or so sweetie." Father dearest answered.

Grumbling, I sat up and looked out the window. A golden beach stretched out beside the road, the vast turquoise blue sea sparkled like Snoop Dog's bling as the sun beat down on it from a clear azure sky. It was beautiful. The sea I mean, not Snoop Dog's bling, I mean has the guy heard of quality not quantity. Anywho, like I was saying, it was oh so pretty like. I could hardly wait to get out there and lounge on that warm looking sand. Then the car swerved into what looked like a drive way. Well I should say, what must be a drive way since it lead to this house.

"We're here girls." Dad announced with a really geeky flourish. Ah dad, he never fails to make me smile.

I got out of the car and looked up at the gorgeous house in front of me, not bothering to wake Marissa who was fast asleep in the car. "Are we staying here?"

"We sure are!" His proud reply came.

I sent a questioning look to my mom. Our family was admittedly pretty well off, with both my parents being highly popular Orthodontists. But I didn't think we were rich enough to afford a place like this, because let me tell you, this place is gorgeous. It was a white, wooden, two storied house, with a neatly trimmed lawn that was bordered by a neatly arranged array of flowers; a veranda furnished with a low mahogany bench; a sloping dark blue tiled roof and large windows on each floor with, no doubt, a great view of the beach. Mom just sent me a slightly amazed, confused smile in reply. It seems that it wasn't just me out of the loop this time.

That's when I noticed the other car in the car park. With a feeling of dread I realized how we could afford this house; we were sharing it with another family... OH Lord of Death, take me nowww. Let's just say, the thought of having to live with strangers is a real put off for me. I would never survive in Big Brother.

"Um dad, whose car is that?" I asked, hoping madly that it was a surprise present to me... which is probably a stupid thing to be wishing for considering I can't drive yet. What can I say? I'm lazy... and my bestfriend has a license...

My Dad turned to Mom, his face splitting into the cheesiest smile ever, and when I say ever, I mean the cheesiest smile ever. "That car is Jacob Gallagher's."

After few moments of searching the recesses of her mind, recognition dawned on Mom's face and a gasp escaped her mouth.

Dad simply grinned and nodded.

"Uh... Yeah... Dad... that name means nothing to me."

"Ah sweetie, Jacob was my roommate and closest friend in College. Well he was, until he left without a word after your mother chose to be with me rather than him." He paused, as his eyes locked with Mom's, a slight smile played on both their lips at a memory that I didn't know... or particularly wanted to know at the risk of being grossed out. I mean don't get me wrong, I love how in love my parents are, but sometimes... it's just a bit nauseating...

"...I hadn't heard from him since." He continued, returning his attention back to me, "That is until a fortnight ago when I get a call from him saying that he's back in the country and would love to spend time with us... So we organized this holiday for both our lovely families."

I blinked slowly, "Ok-ay... so we're spending the next month with a guy who you stole Mom off?"

"No no no... it wasn't like that! The three of us were really good friends and then we realized that we'd both fallen in love with Julie... and so decided that we'd be happy for the lucky man she chose... except when she chose me... he just bolted."

"Gawd... what a sore loser..." I remarked.

"Cassie..." Dad admonished.

"MICHAEL ORANGE!!" A masculine voice suddenly yelled from behind me, making me jump.

"JACOB GALLAGHER!!!" Dad shouted in reply, walking over to share a 'man hug', as I call it, with a man who I assumed was Jacob, Dad's long lost friend.

"And this must be your beautiful family..." said the George Clooney look-a-like as he walked towards us. I spared a brief glance to my Mom to see an annoyed/ amused expression on her face. Oh good, so she wasn't going to get all psycho Jackie Chan at Dad (for springing this on us) in front of this guy.

"Yes, this is Cassidy."

I grinned, flashing two rows of perfectly straight pearly whites. Hey my parents aren't orthodontists for nothing. "Call me Cleo."

He smiled, "Pleasure to meet you Cleo."

"The little one sleeping inside the car is Marissa and this of course, you know is Julie."

"It's good to see you." He said with a slightly sheepish smile. Relief suddenly washed over his face as he turned to the four people walking up the drive way in beachwear. A pretty blonde lady who must be his wife, two little dark haired boys who looked to be twins and then… WHOA, who is that?!

I couldn't help but salivate (don't worry, just in my mind) as I stared at the gorgeous male specimen walking up the driveway towards us. I mean, can you say hot? Well you probably can unless you're a retard. Not that I'm calling you a retard... ANYWHO. This guy was oh so yum looking. He shared his father's dark hair and had strikingly vivid green eyes, I swear it's like he walked out of a Mills and Boon book or... my imagination. He had a tall frame, slender but well formed chiselled body and a walk that would make any girl look twice. You know that walk I'm talking about, those confident, nonchalantly relaxed long strides... and oh my gosh, don't even get me started on his mouth which was just begging me to walk up and smack one on him.

Not that I would, because you see, my bestfriend and I have taken a solemn vow not to... um... 'hook up' with any guys these holidays. We call it the look but don't touch holidays... clever aren't we? Anywho we're going to use these three months to sort our priorities, get over our heartbreaks from the year (ok so that rule was more for her than me as I've never fallen in love, let alone had my heart broken), learn to be independent (again more for her than me) and... you get the idea. So as attractive as this guy was, nothing was going to happen. That plus, he was waayyy out of my league.

"These are my sons Nathaniel, Samuel and Dylan."

Ok, so hot guy equals Nathaniel. Cute little twin one is Samuel and cute little twin two is Dylan.

"This is Sam and Dylan's nanny, Laurel." Ok, so pretty blonde lady does not equal wife. Hmm, wonder where said wife is... She can't have left Mr. George Clooney Jnr. because..

A) The guy is incredibly good looking for his age.

B) He seems really nice.

C) He seems pretty damn well off by the looks of his car.

D) Umm... yeah that's about it.

That must mean his wife is dead. Oh my, that's rather sad...

I let my eyes that had strayed to Mr. Clooney Jnr, casually wander back to Nathaniel to find him gazing curiously at me. Seeing that he had my attention, a slow roguish smile spread across his face and he... winked at me. OH. MY. GOSH. Did he just wink at me?! Me?!

OHMYGOSH! He did!!! The butterflies were practically Krumping in my stomach, maybe these holidays won't be as bad as I first thought...

Then again, it might just be worse...

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