Whispers in the Dark

Soft whispers in the dark.

When you look there seems to be no one,

But you hear the voices,

Loving caresses upon your mind,

Gentle, yet urgent.


Your path has many twists,

False corridors with dead ends in emptiness,


Places that lead right back to where you started,

Others dotted with flowers and light that end in death,


The true path is treacherous, dark, dangerous and yes,


But it is the right path,

Your path.


Don't turn away from the voices,

Though they may frighten you.

They may not know the way, but they will help

Ease the burdens on your heart and soul,

Comfort you when no one else can.

They will dry the tears that fall invisible

From your tattered soul,

Always there

For you.


Those soft, gentle

Whispers in the dark.