The Unhappy People

The icy wet winds sting her cheeks as she walk back home from school. The day could not have gone any better. Although she was considered an emo/goth type of person she was too sweet to have any enemies. Something about her just drew people towards her no matter how strange she was. No matter what she wore, acted, or did to her. Somehow this really pissed off the girl. This is what made her depressed, and sometimes consider death. Very rarely did she show this side except for a few times she would accidentally reveal her secret. The cuts. They were all along her wrists, arms and even a few on her stomach. The girl usually had a smile on her face to help mask her secret. Her deep blue eyes looked so pure that she could change any one thought about something. They were usually outlined in thick black liner with dark pink eye shadow outlining her lids. Her pale skin from her Scandinavian heritage always offset her red rosy lips and never really tanned despite her few attempts at tanning. She usually wore dark blue, black and deep violet with skin tight jeans with her infamous black converse. Her hair was pin straight with razor bangs covering her right eye.

For a few months all the cutting had stopped and the girl had learned to appreciate her and all she had. But one unfaithful night shot it all to hell. She had had an unusually bad day. She couldn't concentrate she just felt bad inside, like she just wanted to curl up and cry. Visions of her parents dying ran through her head. She couldn't stop seeing them being brutally murdered by each other. Another cold icy day another long walk home through the meadow near her home. Bare trees lined the rippling stream. She had always loved it here. Whenever her parents fought this is where she would come. To escape. The usual overgrown lilies and mustered were all dead by now. The white cranes would have flown south by now so she couldn't hope for one. Dry dead grass crunched underneath her converse as she neared her house. She froze. Her blue eyes darkened as she saw hundreds of black ravens covering her six stories Tutor. She ran through the hundreds of crowing black birds. Threw open the back door. Her house was trashed. Glass lay everywhere. Blood was strewn on the wall. She grasped her head in pain as voices screamed in her head. The girl reached for something to hold onto but missed and fell. Her face stung as sharp glass shards cut up her face. She could hear her mother screaming at her father. Hurtful words lingered in the air. They were no longer in the living room but in the bedroom. Her mother had thrown a few things at the father and he hit her repeatedly. As he cursed at his wife she knocked him onto his back and ran for the closet. She pulled out a black shiny pistol and aimed it at the father." Do it, do it Lorraine. Killing me will solve all our problems!" the father yelled."Chris.Chris."She cried quietly. Tears ran down her face with blood."What?!"He yelled." I'll see you in hell like all the others of your kind!" and with that she pulled the trigger and he was gone. Seeing what she had done she placed the gun at her head and fired.

The girl's eyes shot open and the pain returned as she lifted herself off the wooden floors. She took a step and heard a crack. She looked down and saw a picture of all three of them. They were all smiling and very much happy. Tears welled and she ran up the flights of stairs. Down the halls of tapestries to her parents bedroom.

When she got to the door she stopped and tenderly pushed on the old cherry door. It swung open with a spooky moaning noise. There lay two bodies of her parents. Her father face down and her mother was slumped against the wall. Tears flowed down her pristine face. It felt like her heart had been ripped out and broken in front of her. She went down to the kitchen and brought out two large trash bags. Slowly and painfully she placed her parents inside them and dragged them outside into the meadow. By now it was nearly nine o'clock so she was left alone. The girl grabbed a shovel from the garage and dug a big enough hole. Each time she drove the shovel head under the soft soil it killed her. Soon she was unable to breathe. She was crying so hard. As it was deep enough she placed her two parents together, in peace. Though in reality they would of despised this but for her own sanity she did this. She placed the dirt over them and soon they were gone, forever. The girl lied down and
cried hard on the newly planted dirt. She placed the flowers of winter over their corpses. With each she said a prayer to the goddess. She kissed them goodbye and painfully walked back to her home.

She cleaned and cleaned. She washed off all the blood off the walls. Hid the gun. Left no trace of any dispute. Like nothing had happened. Soon her house was spotless. The girl went up to the bath and filled the brass footed tub with hot steaming water, no bubbles .She raided the medicine cabinets and pulled out two bottles of Vicodin she had used for her chronic pains she had more and more. She also took a sharp razor and put all of these things on the nearby table. She took off her clothes and wrapped them up and threw them in the back cabinet. She sunk into the water and began to cry and shake violently. Tears ran down her face. Her screams echoed in through the bathroom walls. She took three Vicodin. Soon her cries became less and less. More memories flowed back to her. Her hand went for the razor to end it all, when the doorbell rang. Oddly she out the razor down and got out. She made her way down the thousands of steps and finally to the front door. She opened it and found a tall man with deep green eyes with skin as white as snow staring at her hope in his eyes." Hello my name is Thomas Sherwood. I know this may sound a bit weird but may I stay in your home for awhile, I've nowhere to go." His deep Scottish voice pleaded. "Um well, sure." She smiled weakly." Sorry to have bothered as you look a bit busy." Thomas apologized."No, No thank you for waking me up. You see I was in the tub and-"she stopped and fell into Thomas, out cold.