We Hath No Manners!

"So what's a vampire like your self doing here?" Natalie asked. "Well I came for you. You see you being an Indigo is well known around my parts. Spiteful people wish to take it from you, but I was sent here to help you, protect you." Nicholas said sternly. "Well you can go now because I don't need your help nor do I want it! I have made it this far with out your help so I think I can do well on my own! Thank you very much!" Natalie yelled. And at that precise moment an odd silence fell over the room. "The birds, they're not singing?" Natalie whispered. "Natalie get down!" Nicholas yelled. Natalie looked up as every window shattered with such force both she and Nicholas landed on their backs. Natalie grabbed her ears as an eerie scream broke the air, almost too high to bear. The sound stopped and she removed her hands to see them covered with blood, her own.

"Ah dear, dear Natalie York so nice to finally meet you, it's a shame though it will be our first and last meeting!" a greasy voice cackled. Natalie looked up to see a winged creature standing before her. He stood about 6'4 and was fairly tan. He had long brown hair that covered his left eye ever so perfectly. His eyes, though, were a light shade of red with specks of yellow shone in their depths. "Another vampire I presume?" Natalie spat as she pulled herself off her bedroom floor. "Natalie stay back from him! One touch and you'll be gone. His body acts as a portal." Nicholas yelled as he took her shoulders. "Now, now Nicholas dear Natalie may do as she pleases for by the looks of her she's a bit of a rebel, am I not correct?" the man smirked. "What do you want?" Natalie said slowly as she eyed him cautiously. "Dear Natalie I see we hath no manners. I believe a name exchange is in order? My name is Lord Jacobs the II, prince of the vampires. And you are Miss Natalie York, Indigo and soon to be artwork for my latest creation: you dead. Has a ring to it I think." Jacobs laughed evilly; a cold ran down her spine.

"Now what about Sir Nicholas Sherwood, the homely vampire from the land of the Scotts, what is he doing here? Protecting you I presume?" Jacobs smirked. "And fine job you've done! You had her not a week and you've already lost! Dreadful really." Jacobs laughed again. "Now come with me, and I will make it less painful for your immanent death." Jacobs spat as he held out his hand. "Why not kill me now and get it over with? I mean it has to be a real pain that you can only transport me instead of actually hurt me, am I not correct?" Natalie pushed. "You will only make your death worse and even more treacherous if you keep this up girl!" Jacobs hissed as he lunged for Natalie. Quickly Natalie held up her palms and a blue orb covered her and Nicholas. "Wench! I will get you!" he yelled. Jacobs threw something at Nicholas, catching Natalie off guard. Jacobs took this window to grab at Natalie. Nicholas saw this and lunged for her. Jacobs took Nicholas instead of Natalie and her Spanish coin necklace.

Natalie sat there on her bedroom floor, stunned. She looked around at all the glass that lay on her floor. A small breeze blew through her windows, blowing her hair back slightly. After a few hours she went to bed. Sleep didn't come easy to her though. Images of Jacobs doing the imaginable to Nicholas kept her tossing in a cold sweat. Finally at around 2:30 A.M Natalie got up and walked to her bathroom. Feeling too lazy she decided on a quick but hot shower.

One by one she turned the knobs making sure it was exactly the right temperature. Then she took off her cloths and folded them neatly. Everything was absolutely perfect; this was how she could keep back her tears of frustration, by keeping the act up as if nothing was wrong. It must have been after the eighth time she had put shampoo in her hair when she started to feel uneasy. She turned off the water and wrapped a crisp white towel around her waist and stepped out of the shower. She saw nothing but she could sense something was in there with her. Slowly Natalie wiped away the condensation on the mirror but gasped as she saw two faces looking back at her.

"This is going to be so much fun I can tell!" Jacobs smirked as he took Natalie by the throat, lifting her up off her feet. Her back against the wall, Natalie tried to keep herself up. She gazed into Jacobs eyes, they were almost black now with anger. "See wench your little boyfriend was too weak so I decided on seconds, or in your case the main course, but first a little fun with you first!" He cackled. She felt him give a slight tug at her towel, she held tight though. Jacobs noticed this and slapped her causing her lip to bleed. The metallic taste of her blood was like a switch. Soon Natalie's head dropped back and body limp. Jacobs was confused at his and loosened his grip. He felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Startled he whipped around and saw a smiling Natalie before him. He contorted his face but soon realized what she had done. Too slow though for she had already pulled out her ash and blown it into his face, causing his face to burn. Natalie's limp body dropped and she regained consciousness.

Natalie pulled herself up off the ground holding out her hands. Jacobs face was almost completely burned off. His face could scare anyone to death. "You little witch! You shall pay dearly for this! And rest assured it will be extremely painful!" Jacobs yelled as he lunged for Natalie. She held out her palm and shot him back into the wall. Jacobs flew right through it and disappeared. Natalie looked around but saw nothing. "Gotcha!" Jacobs sniped in her ear. Natalie let out a scream of frustration and threw herself away from him. She tried to get away but Jacobs drew out his wings and off they went.

What felt like the air was being sucked right out of her Natalie gasped for air. Jacobs threw her into the wall causing her to hit her head on the hard wall. Natalie could feel the blood flow down her face but her vision soon faded.