After The Rain

By Storm December


A/N: This story has M/F and M/M relationships in it. If you don't like it, don't read it!!! You have been warned!! ;-)

Summary: Fiona and Ace learn to live and carryon after a tragedy befalls them regarding their oldest son. Can they find their way back to each others hearts, or are they destined to suffer alone?

Chapter 1

Saying Goodbye Isn't As Hard As Facing The Truth

I watch as my son, Danny, continues to stumble up the snow mounds and I can't help but continue to pick him up and help him over them. I remember when his older brother use to do that when he was little. How old would Chase be now? Eleven? Yes. My Chase would be… My Chase is Eleven now. I start to feel tears well up in my eyes and I berate myself for it, 'Stop thinking about it, there's nothing you can do now.' I see Danny slip and I rush over to pick him up, carrying him a ways before he struggles to get down again. This has been the scene since we left the house, well actually. This has been the scene his whole life really, him stumbling and me trying to catch him every time he falls. Trying to protect him from the world and from everything and everyone in it, and him struggling for me to let him go. But I can't. I just can't. Not now, not yet.

"Mommy look, daddy's here," Danny says running over to him.

But I don't look over to where Danny's pointing, I continue to watch him, following his every move as he crosses the playground in our gated community and runs over to his father. I see Ace pick him up and I know I can breathe now. I know Danny's safe. But I still watch. I watch as he and Ace play together and smile at how happy they are and how much Ace loves his son and how much his son loves him. I see them walking towards me with the new woman Ace is interested in.

"Hey Fay," Ace says smiling leaning over to kiss my cheek.

"Hey Ace," I say, smiling back at him a little. He's always called me Fay ever since the first time we met.

"Fiona," the woman he's with says to me in an annoyed way.

"Jacky," I say more cordially, mostly for my sons' sake.

Jacky doesn't like neither my son nor me. She keeps trying to get Ace to leave Danny and forget about us and yet she still wonders why her and Ace are growing farther apart. They're not. She's pushing him away. There's nothing on this earth that would make Ace leave his son, especially after what happened to Chase, but she doesn't know about that. I'd never forgive him if he told her about that. And I'd know if he did because I would see it in her eyes. Her blaming me for what she'd think is the sole reason why Ace won't cut loose of us.

"How you been Fay?" Ace asks bringing me from my thoughts.

"Fine," I say breathing deeply and smiling a bit bigger, but Ace isn't fooled. He knows I'm lying, but before he can say anything my friend, Layna, walks over to us with her son, Trevor.

"Hi guys," Layna says waving to us as she approaches. Ace lets Danny down and he and Trevor meet at the slide and begin to play.

"Hey sweetie," I say giving her a hug.

"Hi Layna," Ace says hugging her then returning his gaze to me. Jacky just sneers at us all, but Layna is use to her rudeness as is everyone else. I'll never know what Ace saw in her for them to start dating in the first place. I don't think he even knows any more.

"Trevor saw Danny from the living room window and begged me to let him go play," Layna says laughing.

"I'm not surprised. You know how they adore each other," I say chuckling as we all watch the boys play for a bit.

"Ace it's cold lets go inside now," Jacky says raping her arms around his waist and laying her head on his shoulder. She looks at me smirking as if I'll get jealous or something, but I already know he's not going any where.

"Not right now, but you're free to go in if you like," Ace says not even sparing her a glance as he continues watching the boys play.

"Oh come on baby. Don't you want to warm me up?" she asks almost whining.

"I said I was spending time with my son today. What makes you think that's changed?" Ace asks her shortly. Apparently he too, is fed up with her antics.

"Fine stay with your snotty little brat," she says releasing his arm and getting ready to walk away.

I glare at her for that comment and am about to let her have it, when Ace grabs her hand leading her away from us a bit.

"What did I tell you about talking about my son like that," Layna and I hear him whisper harshly at Jacky.

"You barely spend time with me when he's around," Jacky shrieks back quietly.

"What the hell is wrong with you? He's my son. I hardly see him as it is because I supposedly ignore you, and when I finally do see him you always bitch and complain," Ace says heatedly, and I look over at the playground to make sure the boys are still occupied.

I know that they are because I just checked five seconds ago, but it's just a precaution and something I can't help. I see them still happily playing so I turn my head back to Ace and Jacky.

"Well if I continue to bitch and complain then obviously you're still doing something wrong," Jacky says crossing her arms and smirking as if her point is made and she's won.

"No Jacky see that's the thing, you're wrong not me. I've come to realize that I can't win with you. You'll always find something to complain about no matter what I do, and I've grown weary of trying to please you," Jacky sees where Ace is going with this and tries to stop him fast.

"Baby we can fix this. We just have to talk and work it out," she says stepping closer to him.

"There's nothing to fix or workout. You don't seem to realize the place my son has in my life, and I'm tired of trying to make you. Go to your own apartment Jacky you can get your stuff from my place later," Ace says turning to walk away.

"So that's it? You're just walking away, it's over?" Jacky asks callously to his back. Ace turns his head and looks at her, really seeing her for the first time I think.

"Yes," he says softly then turns back around and walks over to Layna and me.

"Fine, you're not worth the trouble anyway," Jacky says to his back then turns on her heal and storms away.

From the look on his face I know Ace doesn't want to talk about what just happened so I just rub his arm and go back to watching the boys. As the sun goes down it starts getting colder and I tell Ace to bring everyone over to my house while I go and start the hot-cocoa making.


The milk has just started to heat when I hear the front door open. I look up and smile expectantly but only Ace enters, and I frown at him as he shuts the door.

"Where is everyone?" I ask still frowning as he walks towards me.

"Layna took the boys to her place to get some marshmallows and to change Trevor's clothes," Ace says, leaning against the kitchen counter in front of me.

"Mmm hum," I reply as I turn around to stir the heating milk on the stove.

"You know, I've been thinking… maybe it's time we talked about what happened… with Chase. I mean it's been six years and… we've never really talked about it. I still don't know what happened that day," Ace says cautiously as he looks at me wearily.

"What is there to talk about? I told you I don't remember what happened," I say shortly, as I stir the milk with a bit more force than necessary.

"Fiona," Ace says in that voice I hate so much.

"What?! I hate it when you say my name like that. As if I'm a child or being unreasonable. I told you I don't remember," I say the last part through gritted teeth, just as the front door opens, and the children and Layna walk in.

"Woo! The boys were absolutely soggy from the snow. I changed them both, so you can just give me back the clothes Danny's wearing later," Layna says, unaware of the tension in the room between Ace and I.

"Oh that's fine sweetie. Thank you," I say, ending the stare-down Ace and I are having and turning to smile at the new comers.

I watch as Danny runs towards the kitchen rounding the corner of the counter to run into Ace's arms. He's definitely a daddy's boy and none of us would have it any other way. 'Chase made the mistake of being attached to me and look where that got him'. I fiercely head off that line of thought before it can go too far, and tune back in to my guys in front of me. They're talking animatedly about something or other and I can only smile at how happy they look. Danny and Ace are really good for each other. 'But who's good for me?' I smother that thought as well and turn around to the stove to turn the fire off the milk and make the hot chocolate.


We retire to the living-room where the boys drink their hot chocolate while watching cartoons on the floor in front of us, as the adults sit on the couch. Then we tucked them into bed when they're finished and nearly past out. Ace, Layna and I watch TV for a while before Layna starts nodding off as well and decides to take her leave.

"I'll walk you home," Ace says getting up from the couch.

"Why thank you Ace," Layna says smiling at him.

"Such a gentleman he is," she says winking at me.

"I never said he wasn't chivalrous," I say chuckling, as Ace just rolls him eyes at us with a smile.

"Just come by tomorrow morning to pick up Trevor and we'll all have breakfast," I say seeing Layna and Ace to the door.

"Will do. You have a good night," Layna says.

She and I hug then they exit with Ace telling me he'll be right back as I shut the door behind them. He comes back a few minutes later as I'm finishing cleaning up the kitchen.

"Need any help?" Ace asks walking towards me to lend a hand.

"Oh, no thanks, I'm just about finished," I say rinsing the last few cups and placing them on the drying rack.

"Find something on TV to watch and I'll be there in a minute," I say proceeding to wipe off the counters.

"Okay," Ace says going into the living-room and sitting on the couch again.

When I enter the living-room I see he's watching the news and I sit down beside him to join. I don't really watch the news these days, because I find it rather depressing. But watching it tonight with Ace won't do any harm, so I tune into the program to hear what the news caster has to say.

There were a few accidents here but no one was hurt too badly, and there was a fire there that they're not sure of the cause. And I'm nodding off myself by now against Ace's shoulder, when the next news report has me more wide awake then I've ever been before.

News Report:

"And an update on the identity of the body that was found half buried on the banks of the Issaquah Creek in Washington by a couple and their dog three days ago. The body has now been confirmed to belong to a five year old boy who was kidnapped around six years ago. The police have not released the name of the child or any other information because they're still trying to contact the parents at this time."

"And in other news…"

The news caster goes on to other topics of the day, but I can no longer hear her. I can no longer breathe.

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