Trial by fire

Chapter 1

"You bastard." A young boy yells rage seeming to seep through the very pores of his body. He launches into the air striking with all of his might, his attack is easily evaded by his opponent a man in black armor. He strikes again, punching blindly aiming at the chest of his opponent but no matter how he tries his attempts are futile as the man in black gracefully dodges the boys attacks. "Time to finish this boy." the man in black says. the man dodges yet another attack and follows with a swift roundhouse kick, sending the boy flying to the edge of the cliff. "You, i'll never forgive you." The boy yells his Ki erupting becomes visible in the form of flames that surround his entire being. He strikes at the assailant in a blind rage sending his opponent, whom had blocked his attack, flying backwards. "damn, too bad you weren't one of my men, you'd be a vicious asset" The man says. launching forward he dissappears and reappears behind him, grabbing him by the throat, the boy grapples his arm and uses his ki to propel himself into a reverse flip. Sending him flying, the boy mounts another attack, striking furiously at his opponent, but misses and is kicked high into the air. The man in black jumps into the air and grabs the boy by the throat, once again he tries to strike back at his opponent but since his ki was spent he couldn't muster more than a weak set of kicks and punches. Suddenly an aura of darkness begins to swirl around the man in blacks arm.

Summoning the last of his ki the boy fires a ball of fire at his opponent though weak it was enough to break the mans concentration causing him to release the boy. The boy completely exhausted falls into the nearby river. "Damn, stupid kid. no matter, there's no way he'll wake up before the waterfall downstream." The man in black said. Downstream a ways the boy floats in the water unaware that he is soon to go over a waterfall. As he fell over the edge and the surface of the water quickly surges closer to him. He plunges head first into the river, After a few minutes he emerges from the river, blood clearly visible streaming from his head. Slowly but surely he floats to the bank of the river, washing up on the shore. the next morning a young girl bringing her clothes to the river spots the young boy. "Mama." the girl yells...

12 Years Later.

A group of young men and women walk from a schoolhouse, all joyviously talking of the upcoming weekend and the loads of school work that had been piled on them. One of the young men that walked out of the schoolhouse had a cloudy eyed look as if he was deep in thought, suddenly a girl with long blue hair pounced on him. "What's with the forlorn look, aniki." The girl said. "Hey get off, Rin." The boy said. "Nope not until you tell me what you were thinking about Shin." Rin said. "I was just thinking about 12 years ago." Shin said. Rin knew what he meant when he got like this, she had found him 12 years ago alongside a nearby river, he was near death, no memory and was completely bruised. Nobody could figure out where he had came from or how he had gotten so bruised up. He was basically homeless, so her mother had taken him in, nursed him back to health and took care of him since that night. He had become like a surrogate son and brother to them. As she looked at Shin, she began to sympathize with him, it must be terrible not to know who you truly are or even where you come from.

As they walked, Shin suddenly stopped, she saw why he had stopped, a group of soldiers from HoD or hunters of the damned, an anti-ki user group stood in front of them. "Move out of the way civilians, we are on official business." One of the soldiers spoke. "Why should we move for a bunch of rebels, go the fuck around." Shin stated and proceeded to walk through them. "Hold it, you dare impede us from our business." one of the soldiers stated. They were suddenly on Shin in the blink of an eye, but before they could do anthing, they were thrown back as if by an invisible wall. Where the soldiers once stood shin stood in a martial arts like stance, it was apparent what had just happened Shin had just took out about 5 HoD soldiers in less than a second. Everyone stood in awe of what had just happened, only a Ki user had that kind of ability. "He's one of those sorcerous Ki users." One of the bystanders said. "Sorceror give me back my son." one of the women said. Suddenly all of the people were chunking rocks at him, but in Shin's mind an image played it was a memory from when he was training his Ki. "Our style is for defending, you are never to use it against normals. It is our most sacred law." The voice said.

Remembering these words Shin turns and runs for the gate, not being able to go on the offensive meant he had no other choice but to retreat. As he made his way to the gate to exit the city his advance was halted by the members of HoD. Shin was about to go into his battle stance when the HoD members were suddenly thrown past him. In there place stood a man in completely black armor, Shin's head began to ache as images flashed through it. Images of the man choking him to death, of people laying dead in the streets while he laughed at there misfortune. Suddenly, it all came back to him, he was an elite, an Ki user charged with protecting normals from bastards like this asshole. he also remebered the slaughter of his people by this man.

Infuriated Shin charged his Ki releasing an aura of pure flame, launching forward he struck at the man. The man unphased dodged his attack, but was surprised as Shin turned in mid strike and fired a fire ball at him. Shin followed his attack with a fierce roundhouse kick but was blocked as the man in black dodged the projectile. The fight continued in a stalemate neither warrior able to land a successful strike against the other, it wasn't until Shin latched on to the man's throat that it all came back to him who he was fighting. 'no way, he's dead. i was sure that fall should've killed him. but yet here he is, not only is he alive but he's a lot stronger than before. impossible.' the man thought trying to break from Shin's grasp on his throat.

After finally breaking from Shin's hold, He spoke "Well, i'll be damned, you survived. looks like i was wrong to underestimate you Sandian's will to survive." "You bastard, you killed my home and everyone i knew. you have no right to talk down to them." Shin said angrily. "HAHAHAHA, If they were stronger they wouldn'tve died like dogs, if they were smarter they would've joined me and would have been in the light of glory." The man said. "They would've never have joined you, they like me follow the belief that normals are to be protected not destroyed." Shin said. "Well, then that means you won't join me either, so before i kill the last of the Sandians, let me know you're name." The man said assuming his martial arts stance. "It's Shin Fang, and i'm not that easy to kill. So before i destroy the slaughterer of my people let me know your name." Shin said calmly. "It's Dameus, Dameus Li." Dameus said launching at Shin, he chose his strikes carefully looking for an opening to attack. Soon enough it appears, he strikes but Shin avoids the attack and counters but in turn is countered by Dameus and is sent flying backwards into a wall. As he tries to regain his balance Dameus prepares to fire a ball of pure dark energy at Shin. As he fired Shin tried to dodge but his body was to worn out by the last attack. It looked like it was all over for Shin when the ball of energy is sent flying upwards by a blast of wind ki.

"It's not like you Shin to get worn out so easily." A cloaked woman said walking out from the shadows. "Who the hell are you." Dameus asked. "Just a pissed off Sandian looking for some payback, Dameus." the woman said. "Shin, take care of the civilians, I'll take care of this asshole." The woman said. "Alright, watch yourself, lady." Shin said. 'Heh, guess he hasn't fully recovered his memory' The woman thought to herself...


"Alright, everybody please remain calm, we are evacuating everyone as quickly as possible." A guard says. "What's the problem here?" Shin said. "None of your business Ki user. This is your fault anyway." The guard said. "Listen here you overgrown sack of shit, I didn't ask for this ability. Now WHAT is the FUCKING hold up." Shin said grabbing the guard's neck. "T-the gate is to small to let everyone out at once." The guard said releasing the guards neck. "That's no problem, flames of hell incinerate." Shin said unleashing his ki outward. Suddenly the outer edges of the gate glowed a bright orange and began to melt upon itself. With the gate expanded, the people began to swarm out by the hundreds. Once they were all out the guards formed a parameter. "what the hell are you doing, get out of here your no match for that bastard." Shin said. "We know but, this is our home, it's all we got, if we let it get destroyed without trying to do anything, we'd be worse than you ki users." the guard said.

Suddenly the cloaked woman hit the ground hard right in front of them. Her cloak had come loose over her head and shin remembered who she was, it was Mei, a girl he had sparred with when he was younger. She was pretty banged up, she tried to stand, as she did Shin rushed to her aid. At the same time the guards charged at Dameus, but were wiped out before they could even touch him. "Too bad neither of you are powerful enough to stop me." Dameus said. "Maybe not seperately." Shin said helping Mei to her feet. As they did they both assumed their fighting stances. They both launched at Dameus, Dameus blocked Shin's attack but was unable to block Mei's attack which sent him flying backwards, as he flew backwards Shin and Mei both charged their Ki attacks in unison, Dameus put up his guard to defend against their attack.

Shin and Mei both fired, the two Ki attacks merged into each other, the blast charged forward hitting Dameus's shield dead on. But Dameus's shield held, Shin and Mei pushed there attack doing there best to break his shield, but they were too worn out from their previous battles so they were having trouble destroying the shield. "Damn, i don't know how long i can hold the attack." Shin said "Just hold on, He's worn out too, he can't sustain his shield forever." Mei said. They both went to one knee as there ki was nearly spent. 'damn this looks like the end.' Shin thought to himself. Just as it looked like it was all over a ball of Ice came flying in from behind Shin and Mei, merging into there attack, the result was a new form of energy, a light ki, striking Dameus shield hard enough to break it. "What the hell, who was that, there's no fucking way there could have been another survivor." Dameus said. At the same time Shin was wondering the same thing who had fired that shot, he soon found out to his surprise. "Sorry it took me so long." Rin said from behind them. "Rin, what the hell are you doing here." Shin asked. "I couldn't leave you here by yourself, you're my Aniki." Rin said breathily. It was apparent she had never fired a ki shot before and her first try had worn her out. "HAHA, to bad, you did well, but without your third member you can't summon the Light Ki again which means you have no offense against me." Dameus said, breathing hard. "Yeah, that true, but your ki's spent, so you're down to basics, whereas we both still have enough ki left to finish you off." Shin said.

'Damn, he's right I have no defense left against their attack. I'd better retreat for now." Dameus said. He launched into the air and beat a retreat. "Get back here you coward." Mei said preparing to go after him, but was grabbed by the arm by Shin. "What are you doing he's going to get away. " Mei pleaded. Shin rose and slapped the back of her head. "you know damn well I was bluffing, none of us have enough ki left to even throw a punch." Shin said breathing hard. "Yeah, I know, ha, you were always the rational one." Mei said smiling. Now that Shin could see her better, he could see how she had changed, her eyes were no longer cheerful, though she was smiling he could see a sadness in them. Her hair as well had changed she must've cut it out of neccesity. "Hey Shin who is this?" Rin had said. "Oh my bad, Rin Ling, this is Mei Hido. Her Ki allocation is wind. By the way, since when could you use Ki?" Shin asked. "I don't really know, I was just really sad when I thought of you being stuck back here fighting that man, and I suddenly felt this cold chill from deep inside of me. Then when i saw how you and Mei fired your shots i used the same technique." Rin said. "Hmm, deepest sorrow that chills the soul, the Ki of Ice." Mei said. "Huh." Rin said. "It's your allocation, every Ki user has a different Ki allocation, like mine is fire, Mei's wind, and your's ice." Shin said thoughtfully, then said. "We'd better get out of here, before those fucking HoD pricks make a big deal out of this, then make it look like it was our fault. Rin you should stay here. Since nobody saw you use your Ki you'll be safe. Me and Mei have a fight to finish." Shin said. "No, I'm going too, this is my fight too, that jerk attacked my home too." Rin said. "Rin, please understand, the last fight was luck, the next one's going to be serious, and we don't have time to be training you."

"I'll train myself when we stop to rest and i won't get in the way, so please, let me go too." Rin pleaded. Shin knew that neither he nor Mei needed to stop and rest and that having Rin around was going to be a hinderance. But he couldn't honestly live with himself if he left her with these separatist pricks. "Alright grab your stuff and let's get out of here." Shin said...

A few minutes later.

"Alright, i'm ready." Rin said carrying a backpack. "Alright, Let's get out of here, Dameus headed west so that's where we should head." Shin said and with that Shin, Rin, and Mei headed out to take vengeance for there own reason.

Chapter 1 end

A.N.: alright, I'm going to summarize some of the things in the first chapter.

Summary of abilities

Fire-shin's ability, like it sounds, it's the ability to control fire, which means character can shoot fire balls from his hand or create a wall of fire around himself, but he can increase the temperature of any material to an super-high temps.

Ice- Rin's ability, can shoot balls of ice or freeze opponents, Also can decrease temperature of any object.

Wind- Mei's ability, can blast opponents with strong gusts of wind or create a tornado around herself. Also destroy objects by compressing the wind into a high intensity blast.

Light- Shin, Mei, and Rin's combination attack, can create a beam of solid light energy, this technique is purely for combat so it doesn't have an practical application.

Dark- Dameus's ability, no practical applications, capabilty to deal death merely by touch.

Okay, what else, oh, why did i cause Shin's memory to resurface in the first chapter, well originally i was going to have it that it slowly resufaced throughout the story, but decided it was better for the flow if Shin regained his memory in the beginning but leave some parts shaded. For instance, He doesn't remember the exact details of that night Sandie was destroyed. Oh and the name of the city where Shin has been staying is Losang, I couldn't find the right place to input it. Also, yes anyone from california will match the two names. Sandie was created from the name of San Diego and Losang is Los angeles. Yes i am very lazy when it comes to place names. anyhow, the asterisk beside the phrase 'flames of hell, incenerate.' attacks can be done without chanting a phrase, but when using ki to affect an object a chant must be said to focus the ki at a certain target.

well that's it for now R&R, and give me some feedback on how i can improve or any questions on the story.