I move with the agility of a bird, on light feet and clear intention. I am of unbreakable bones and unblemished flesh, immortality flows through my veins, and I have no use for air. I am a legend embodied, a myth personified. I live on death and perceive through pain, yet my love for existence is greater than the sun is hot.

You will recall such creatures as myself from literature in the genre of horror, and from motion pictures full with gore and heart-tugging scream. But the truth of my kind is far from horrible. To ignorant minds yes, we are a force to be feared, but to those who are willing to be wise we are a species to be idolised. Answer me this: why would one not desire eternal youth, sensuality free of guilt, and lust that is never unquenched? The perfect existence.

We are paradoxical to the mortal eye; for we are you fear and desire incarnate. There is endless possibility in immortality, so those of you who seek knowledge and adventure should permit yourselves the elegant slaughter of your mortality.

The legends contain elements of truth: to make a vampire you must first drink of the human then have them drink of you. But this sharing of lifeblood is far from the torture portrayed in fiction. This process of creation is beautiful. It is the vampire's gift to the human.

You are not persuaded. Let me lead you back to a time when I was wrapped in a blanket of naivety.

It was during the reign of the black death in England, a time of absolute horror and unnatural darkness. Each person sat in wait for their bleak existence to end. My mother and I were the last of bloodline alive; she too frail even to speak, death would come kindly.

Like any mortal, I feared endless darkness or whatever it is that clutches us after the nurturing earth. My body was not so heavily taken with dis-ease as my mothers and so I worked with other men of able body, crafting sizeable pits to bury the dead within. It was at this labour that I met my first immortal.

As we worked the earth into holes and stranger caught my attention. He leant against a mottled tomb, dressed in usual vampire attire, watching us as though amused. I asked him to state his business and he replied with an invitation to join him for a drink of ale at the inn when our work was done. My fellows declined but I accepted his invitation out of pure curiosity, thinking him quite mad to risk infection.

There was something intense in this man's presence, something I couldn't pin a definition upon. He had the air of a learned gentleman yet he spoke like common folk.

When we had buried the day's victims I looked in on my mother then joined company with the stranger in the inn. He had a tankard of ale waiting to quench my thirst. I thanked the man and drunk the ale deeply into my desiccated body. On confiding to him my thoughts on his madness he laughed, as though expecting this of me. Then he leant forwards so there was but five inches of air between or faces, and gave me another invitation to join him at his home.

Silence smothered my thoughts as the man started into my eyes. In those few moments I became aware that this man and I were spiritually entwined. I felt that he could see through the darkness of my soul, and I through his. I had fallen in love; but not the romantic love of lovers, the eternal love of kindred souls.

"You are tired of waiting", he said. I nodded knowing his meaning, then we stood as if one and departed the inn.

Outside, the night was chill so that my breath fogged my vision. My friend led the way as we journeyed in silence for tens of minutes until our destination was reached. A large, threateningly grey house of a size I had never seen stood before me.

Once inside and settled in a chair of quilted emerald velvet a potent calm flooded my consciousness, and I watched without contemplation as my friend built a fire in the grate.

After slipping into merciful sleep I woke to see the clock upon the mantle reading midnight and my companion watching my gaze.

In the next moments my fate was determined; I was to become immortal. This did not scare me, as it never scares the chosen ones. And to my surprise I knew what immortality meant and what it entailed.

As my companion sunk ivory fangs into the waiting pulse of my neck I felt only exaltation. It was as though the weight of a stagnant ocean had been drained from my soul. My body and mind cleared of illness and human unknowing. In the moment of rebirth I was all-seeing, all-powerful. Bathed in unimaginable bliss.

That was the night of my transformation. Of my liberation from the shackles of human life-span. Since then I have freed many, people of varied colour and culture, children even. But only those who wish for release from waiting for death, and only those who understand what it means to be immortal. For immortality is not forever; nothing is eternal. One day this earth will die, taking all her creatures with her.

I am certain of your thoughts. You wonder what is the point in immortality if it is not, indeed, forever. And I am sorry but I have no reason for you, only the theory that immortality is essential for the acceleration of the soul after bodily death.

No one knows what lies in wait beyond physical existence, so why not experience the richness of experience and feed your soul each morsel of knowledge that is possible to gather?

To be a vampire is to know divinity, to have a strengthening connection with that which awaits us. The vampire is the ultimate being; physical and spiritual in equal parts, we are closer to angels than you know. The only way for you to understand the secrets and truths of existence is to shed your mortal shell, become vampire.