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Chapter 15

Tameron grabbed Serenity's hand and led her out of the busy area to a place she didn't see when she first came here. It was a small, empty, waiting room. Past it, he led her into a dark hallway. They continued to walk until there was no light at all. Everything was pitch black.

"Tameron," Serenity said, "why is there no light in here?"

If she could've seen in the dark, she would've seen his smirk. "Well...... as of right now, they are checking our bodies for any explosives, guns, anything that they think might be a weapon."

"Using radiation?"

"Radiation? No. Radiation can cause damage to the body. They use some other kind of detector. If I would've paid more attention when my father told me about it, I would be able to tell you...... But, unfortunately, I was more interested in....... other things."

Serenity didn't want to know what 'other things' meant. She kept walking, then got pulled back unexpectedly when he stopped.

"Stop," Tameron ordered. "We have to wait for clearance."

She glared at where she thought his head was and dropped her hand from his, then sighed and crossed her arms. After a few minutes she started to get impatient. "And when, exactly, will we get clearance?"

A loud noise blasted the silence, then there was a humming. The next thing Serenity knew, she was falling backwards as the floor underneath her suddenly shot upward.

Tameron laughed when she gave a startled cry.

"It's not funny," she said, sitting on the ground.

As they continued upward, lights positioned on the sides of the weird elevator cast shadows over the two.

"On the contrary. I found it to be quite amusing!" He said, laughing.

She glared at him. "You could've warned me."

He sat down beside her. "And would've missed you falling to the ground? No way!"

She sighed and watched the lights move downward. Then, she layed back, hands behind her head, and gasped at what she saw.

The top of the thing was pitch black, but you could make out small specks of stars if you looked hard enough. And with the lights continuously shining and disappearing, it was quite a spectacle, almost like something out of a futuristic movie.

"Wow," she whispered.

He smiled at her genuinely. "I know. When you get closer up, it seems almost as if you're catapulting through space. It's one of the many things that make this planet one that many come to. Even if it's not that technologically advanced, it's still very beautiful." Then, he looked at her again. "Very beautiful," he murmered, then layed back the same way she was laying.

They layed for a few minutes in silence, then Serenity let out a delighted gasp. "You're right! It does seem like you're catapulting throught space!"

He grinned in amusement.

"Wow...... I...... this....... It's amazing! Is our ship up there?" she asked, pointing to the landing that they would reach in a few minutes.

He shook his head. "Nope. The ships are up-dock."

"Up-dock?" she asked, sitting up and looking at him.

He nodded. "Just as I said, it's up, as in we have to teleport to it because it's in outer space, and dock, as in a ship dock."

Her mouth formed a slight o, then she grinned. "This is so exciting!" she exclaimed.

He smirked. "After a few more times you'll grow bored of it. Trust me."

Sighing, she said, "I don't think I'd ever grow bored of it......"

He smiled at her then. "Me either......." he mumbled, looking at her.

She looked at him, still grinning. "Look, we're reaching the top!"

He looked up. The large expanse of starry sky grew bigger, and the landing was a few feet away. Light pooled over them.

Serenity gasped and grabbed his arm. "Look! Do you see it?"


"There! It's a blue moon! It's seriously a blue moon!" she said, pointing and pointing again.

He laughed. "Yes, that is what color it is."

"You've never heard the saying 'once in a blue moon'?"


She gave a little half smile and crossed her legs. "Well, normally, when you don't think that you'd ever do something...... you'd say you'd do it once in a blue moon."

He sat up then, eyes shining in a way that made her heart beat faster. "Really....."

She gulped. "Well, yeah. It IS very pretty."

"Yeah," he said, then sighed. His eyes caught hers and they held for what seemed like a very long time. Then, ever so slowly, he moved closer, looking at her inquisitively..........

"Prince Tameron!" a gleeful voice shouted. The posseser of that voice was a plump, purple man with obsidian colored eyes.

Slowly unclenching the hand that had somehow formed a fist at his side, Tameron sat back, seeming annoyed. Somehow, they had reached the top without his realization that they had. He looked back at Serenity, who was turned away. When she finally turned back, she looked a little shaken. His heart constricted. he told himself.

Serenity calmed the irratic beating of her heart and stopped the flushing of her cheeks as she was turned around. she thought to herself. I wasn't about to........ No........ I couldn't have been about to........ Er...... Ok, mental note to self, never talk about blue moons in starry, romantic elevator....... thingys. Bad idea. Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very......... very BAD idea. Then again, who ever said that he was about to..... and I was about to........ He would never....... would he? she asked herself, not making any sense. She looked over to him. He looked as mad as a hornet.

"Keridian, how are you?" Tameron asked, walking away from Serenity.

She had to run to keep up.

He smiled when she fell into step with him. "What's wrong with the ship?"

Keridian looked confused. "Why, nothing's wrong, Your Highness. We've been waiting for quite a few hours."

"The system is malfunctioning then, because it kept saying delayed."

Keridian shook his head. "The ship was never delayed, Your Majesty." Then he looked at Serenity and grinned.

"Tser erav hine tusno fen?" (Is that your bride?)

Tameron grinned. "Gim." (Yes.)

"Hiteka sumona mein foern." (She's very beautiful.)

Tameron smirked at this. "Gim, Netem." (Yes, I know.)

Serenity glared at them. she demanded to Tameron.

Tameron replied.

She made a face at him.

he asked, amused.

He smirked.

she protested.

she asked.

His eyes suddenly brightened. "Come on, Serenity, we should get going. We don't want to miss our betrothment."

She rolled her eyes. "Right, my ticket to dying young."

He grabbed her arm, though not hard, and led her to a strange platform. It glowed an erie light silver. The room it was in was dark except for the illumination from the platform. There was one other object in the room. It was a strange control panel.

Serenity sighed. "Great. Just what I need. Another Science Fiction scene. Did you watch Star Trek a lot? It looks pretty much like the same design."

Tameron shook his head. "As I have no idea WHAT you are talking about, I won't even acknowledge the fact that you said anything."

"Ok. So, what's the platform for?"

"I believe I should answer that," Keridian said. He walked in with some kind of dark clothing in his arms. "Put these on," he ordered.

Apparently, the 'dark clothing' were two vests. Tameron took one and put it on, indicating that Serenity should do the same.

She did so. "What is this supposed to be for?"

"Well, it's a little hard to explain without confusing you. Let's just put it in easy terms. I press some buttons, and the platform makes the molecules in your body shoot out into space. The suits are here because we don't want you to be little particles flying though the universe at a speed faster than the mind can perceive. They direct your molecules to another platform in a designated area, where, at the press of a button, you'll become whole again."

Serenity shuddered. "And we have to go through this, WHY?!?"

"Up dock is far away."

Tameron yawned and leaned against a wall, eyelids drooping. he thought to himself.

"How far away?"

"6,999 ume away."

"Right. How is far ume compared to light years?"

"The calculations would take too long. Let's just say that it's over a trillion times light years as an estimate."

Her face fell. "Oh. Tameron, are you ready to go?" Hearing no reply, she turned, then glared at what she saw.

He was laying against the wall, fast asleep.

she thought to him.

His eyes opened a fraction. Then he yawned. "Time to go?" he asked.

She couldn't help but grin.

Keridian cleared his voice. "Are you ready, Your Magesty?"

Tameron grinned and put a hand on the small of Serenity's back, leading her to the platform. "Yes, I do believe I am."

Serenity looked at him with arched eyebrows. "Is that supposed to mean something?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. You tell me." He smirked and removed his hand from her back, letting it linger a little, then drew it away quickly.

Keridian chuckled. "Farewell, Your Magesties!" Then, he pressed some buttons and Serenity started to feel a little strange. She put her hand in front of her face and saw that it was become transparent. Gasping, she quickly put it down, then everything went black for a few seconds.

It seemed almost as if someone had quickly flicked the lights out in a windowless room, then turned them back on. She blinked and shielded her eyes from the intense light that bore down on her. As she grimmaced, she heard a chuckle next to her. She glared at him. "It isn't funny, you know." Her eyes soon became accustomed to the light, and she put her hand down.

"Yes, it is. But then again, watching anyone who just went through the teleport is funny," he said, shaking his head and still chuckling. Then, he carefully got out of the vest and waited for her to do the same.

Scowling, she got out of hers as well, although not as gracefully, and thrust it at him. He still chuckled. Then she looked around her surroundings. There was what looked like some kind of a mix between a dog and a hippo working the control panel. behind it was a huge area with a lot of ships in it. They were all very large and vastly different in size, shape, and style. Behind those, she could make out doors that had to be at least as large as a skyscraper. As she looked around, she also saw three windows with people looking at monitors and watching the planes.

Tameron smirked at her awe. "Look above you," he said.

She did, then glanced at Tameron and saw that by the look on his face, he was remembering the same thing she was. Above them was a large expanse of starry sky. There was a red moon just a few feet away and a planet by it. The planet was yellow-orange in color and had a few small rings surrounding it.

"Has your planet any phrase for a red moon?" he asked her.

She blushed and looked down. "No. It doesn't."


As he sounded like he really meant it, she looked up at him, but he was no longer looking at her, instead, he was walking over to the dog/hippo thing.

"Ayelemis, it's been too long!" he exclaimed.

The hippo/dog thing looked up and grinned. "Malicen's boy!" he exclaimed. "Last time I saw you, you was only a bitty thing."

"What are you doing working here?" Tameron asked.

Serenity sighed in annoyment, and walked around, looking at the different ships.

"I was hired!" Ayelemis said. "Why you here?"

Tameron nodded toward the platform, but, seeing Ayelemis's confusion, turned and became confused too.

Suddenly, a loud noise sounded in the area. "Miss, you are not allowed to be that close to the ships without a permit. Step away from the ships! I repeat, step away from the ships!"

Breath hissed angrily through his teeth as Tameron made his way through the ships. he demanded.

Ayelemis grinned in spite of himself as he saw the confused girl walk around the ship opposite to the way Tameron had just come.

A few seconds later, a loud noise sounded, and Serenity quickly got on the platform, and sat cross-legged. "Sir, you are not allowed to be that close to the ships without a permit. Step away from the ships! I repeat, step away from the ships!"

Ayelemis grinned at Serenity. "Allo!"

She looked up at him and smiled cautiously. "Hello."

"You gunna be hitched to Malicen's boy?"

Her eyebrows rose and she nodded. "In a way, I suppose you could say it like that. "

Tameron came angrily stomping back the way she had come. His scowl deepened when he saw Serenity sitting innocently cross-legged on the platform. Of course, it didn't help that Ayelemis was grinning from ear to ear.

"That's my......"

"Wife-to-be?" Ayelemis asked.

Tameron nodded. As he got out of Serenity's ear-reach, he said, "Sorry about that."

"She's a real charmer, that one. And a right good person too. Speaks 'er mind I'll bet. She'll keep you in check," the dog/hippo man said.

Tameron opened his mouth then closed it, then opened it again, but no sound came out. He sighed.

"Now get out o' my face, boy, I has work ta do!"

The young prince nodded, then walked toward the platform.

"Hi!" Serenity said, beaming up at him.

He scowled.

"I was uh..... and then...... um....... I plead the Fifth!" she said hastily.

He frowned. "What? What is this fifth that you're talking of?" he asked exasperatedly.

"The Fifth Amendment," she said. "Did't see nothin', hear nothin' nor know nothin'."

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Come on, before you get me into deeper trouble," he said, walking away.

She stood and quickly followed him. "I was bored. I didn't think that anything would happen. You never told me anything."

He sighed and pushed a button by a door she hadn't spotted before. "You're right. I'm...... sorry. I had...... other things....... on my mind at the time." A hint of a blush formed on his cheeks.

She hastily looked down. "I'm sorry too. I should've stayed on the platform."

"But I never exactly told you to stay there, and your curiousity was going to get the best of you anyway."

she thought to herself,

She smiled at him. "Thank you."

"For what?" he asked, looking confused.

"For not being arrogant," she said.

He looked startled, but said nothing and led her through the door, into a bustling area full of people.

Aleena sighed as she watched a pool of water with Serene and Tameron's reflections in it. It was wonderful. They were getting together, finally. But what about the Immortals? She looked around the room and saw what she had seen the last time she had looked. Aden had taken up her role of pacing. He had told her that it was to try and help him think of a way to get them out of this. Imelaticus and Moragana were playing a game of speed with cards. Rod was perfecting something that he said he could use as a way to help them, but she didn't understand how a machine that was about the same as a flashlight could help them in any way. Miledia was sitting in a corner by herself, thinking or meditating, Aleena couldn't be sure.

Suddenly, Imelaticus broke the silence of the room. "No! Not again! This is the twelth time I've lost to you!"

Moragana stretched and grinned at him. "Yep. So?"

"Couldn't you at least TRY to let me win?" he asked, a little annoyed.

"I was," she returned.

"I can help you," Rod said, walking to Imelaticus's side of the table.

"No," Imelaticus said, "the last time I let you try to help me, you confused me so badly, I didn't know what I was doing!"

"But you won," Rod pointed out.

"That is of no matter!" Imelaticus responded hotly. "I have to UNDERSTAND how to play this game. That way I won't need your help. Besides, that was against Aden. This is my wife, we're talking about. She's really good at games."

Moragana threw her head back and laughed. "For a military strategist from Dragia, you sure are pretty ignorant when it comes to games."

"That's because nobody has explained it to me," Imelaticus muttered angrily.

"That's not true, I-" Rod started.

Imelaticus threw his hands up in exasperation. "No! You only made me confused. Forget the cards, I'm hungry." He got up and walked toward a door in the misty room.

Rod grinned at Moragana. "Want to play?"

"Sure," she said.

"What game? Speed, Rummy, War, Go Fish, Old Maid-"

"Speed. I'm the master at that," Moragana said, watching him shuffle the cards.

"If you say so," he said with a sly smile.

The room went quiet again for a while. But an outcry jerked Aleena's attention back to the inhabitants of the room.

"I don't BELIEVE it! How.....? I'm a genius. I'm not SUPPOSED to lose!" Rod exclaimed bitterly.

Imelaticus laughed at the boy. "Didn't I tell you nobody could beat her at games?"

Rod angrily got out a chess board from a box across the room by where Aden was pacing. "That's it. Chess. Best out of three wins!"

"And if I win all three?" the blonde asked after a yawn.

"You won't. I'm the master at chess."

"If you say so," Moragana said skeptically.

Aleena rolled her eyes at the group, although a small smile was on her lips. Then, she turned back to the pool of water.


"So, this is a permit?" Serenity asked, holding the glowing sphere in her hand.

Tameron grinned. "Yep. It's pretty extravagent if you ask me, but it doesn't matter."

She looked doubtful at the sphere. "So, if I have this, I'll be able to board our ship and not get yelled at?"

"Yes, you'll be able to board MY ship and not get yelled at."

"So it's back to arrogance again," Serenity mumbled.

"What?" he asked, looking at her in question.

She simply shook her head. "So, when are we boarding?"

"Now would be a good time," he answered, and gently led her back into the room with the ships.

Their ship was one that was about medium size as compared to the other ships. It looked almost like a sidway rocket, only it wasn't as crude as a rocket was. It was made of a shiny silver material, and had a cock pit in it, where a man that, to Serenity's relief, looked normal. He had normal skin color, blonde hair, and gray eyes. Tameron walked up to the ship door and pressed a green button on the outside of it. The door opened and a walkway came down from it. Serenity grinned at him and took hold of his hand. They walked into it, and seated themselves next to the pilot. The ship took off.


"I do believe that is thrice times I have beaten you," Moragana said as she placed Rod into checkmate one more time.

"No!" he howled. "I can't believe this! How can you even DO this? It's morally unjust, that's what it is! I thought you were a factory-worker."

Imelaticus grinned at him. "If you would've listened to me and placed your pawn where I told you to, you could've gotten her cornered!"

Rod glared at him. "Oh, shut up!"

Imelaticus looked at the doughnut in his hand, and handed it to Rod.

"What's this for?" Rod asked angrily.

"Loser's compensation," Imelaticus replied.

The look on Rod's face made Moragana break out into laughter.

"They've left," Aleena said, capturing everyone's attention with her suddenly quiet nature. "It'll only be six hours until the Ceremony."

"What are we going to do?" Moragana asked, no longer laughing.

"I don't know," Aleena replied.

"I do believe that Rod has an idea," Miledia said, opening her eyes.

Everyone looked at her in confusion, and Aden stopped pacing.

"What would that be?" Imelaticus asked, looking at the boy speculatively.

"The walls have ears. I dare not tell," Miledia answered, but looked pointedly at the boy.

Rod nodded, and hid his 'flashlight' under his shirt.

A few seconds later, Montredomous appeared in the room, Blake next to him. She was wearing a ruby red dress that seemed to almost glow. Her hair was pulled back into a bun, and diamonds hung from her ears and neck. He wore a black tuxedo and had his hair slicked back.

"This simply will not do," he said to the inhabitants after giving them a once-over. He snapped his fingers and they were suddenly wearing dresses and tuxedos instead of their normal clothes.

Blake giggled. "Well done, brother. Shall we go now?"

"By your leave," he answered.

She giggled once again, and snapped her fingers. They found themselves in a well-lit wedding receptional hall. "Better early than late," she said.

Montredomous looked at Aleena pointedly. "I want no words of caution from you or your friends, he said, then left.

Rod and Miledia shared a secret smile.

Aleena practically snarled. "Now what are we going to do?"

"Aleena," Miledia said softly, "he said no words of caution. He didn't include any actions." She looked pointedly at Rod and his 'flashlight'.

Aleena looked confused, then smiled and nodded as the realization dawned on her. "Rod, I have to admit it, you really ARE a genius."