Paint It Gold

By Mira61

I scrambled around looking for the blue spray paint bottle "Shit, FUCK. Damn it!" I swore awfully loudly so that Kiks looked at me in bewilderment and annoyance

"Do you mind you freak? I told you I'd assist you breaking the law because I enjoy the adrenaline rush. I however did not assist you so I could be caught and sent to jail for some failing artist." I looked at my friend Kiki annoyed right back at her. Me and Kiki. Now we were a pair. Kiki with her pale skin and white blonde hair, she honestly looked like an angel. Her eyes were the softest blue and her lips were pink and full. She looked sincere, kind, and basically angelic.

But Kiki was anything but.

She was angry, cynical, rude, loud, sarcastic, controlling and practically the biggest bitch I had ever met in my life.

Then there's little old me and quite frankly, I've been told that I too am a bitch. But for different reasons: I'm aloof, I don't warm up easily, and I only talk to people I feel like talking to. Namely my friends, or the people I trust, or the people I hate.

Some people are offended.

"Kiki. Just find the damn blue spray paint and I'll be done," I whispered vehemently, "I just need to put my signature on this and we're done."

I could practically feel Kiki roll her eyes at me, "I hate how everything has to be so god damn precise for you."

I knew she wouldn't go further than that. No one, and I mean no one insulted my art. Everyone who was anyone here in NYC knew that.

She handed me the blue bottle and I snatched it away from her. I added the final star to my alias name Lola. The 'o' was a blue star and the 'l' and 'a' was black outlined in yellow. It was on every piece of artwork I had ever done since I was 13 and first introduced to my favorite canvas.

The streets of New York City.

That my friend was my canvas, my inspiration, my art. I wasn't your average artist who painted pretty pictures on boring old white paper.

I needed a story, an adventure, a meaning. I chose graffiti.

I stood back and admired my artwork. I could tell Kiki was impressed too even though she was trying to hide it.

This time, the location I had chosen was a siding on Chang's Chinese Chow. I had spray painted a man and a woman holding hands. In the background was a rainbow that turned into a fire. You could feel the man and women melting away. It meant something. Everything I painted meant something. I just wasn't sure what.

"Sok. You've done better," I heard Kiki say.

I didn't say anything, I just smiled at her. "Lets get out of here, Dor" She said gathering up the bag of spray paint I had brought.

"Righto, Want to hit up Bray's?" She nodded enthusiastically. Then, realizing her mistake, Kiki pulled a look of disgust. "I saw that! You love him! Don't even deny it!"

I giggled as we tip toed across the street and into the the alley that would lead us to Bray.

"I…You…I don't love Bray! I don't even like him!" she cried, "Dory just shut up!"

"Mhm, whatever." I flipped my long black hair into her face.

Kiki growled at me. "Don't be a bitch Dory, okay? I hate Bray and you know that. The only reason we're going there is because he has the only semi decent place to hang out. Plus, you know JT's with me now."

Typical Kiki. Plus you know JT's with me now. That my friend was typical Kiki. Kiki is never with anyone. People are with her. Just as JT. Her boy of the week. He's the same as usual: a musician, shaggy hair, skinny jeans, 'I'm going to make it big one day' persona. But Bray is the one for her and everyone knows that. They pretend to hate each other but everyone knows it's a sham.

Bray is a big guy. Not fat. But Tall, filthy rich,With muscles, etc.

I'm not sure what he does exactly, but I'm pretty sure its not law abiding. Not most of the people I knew worked in conventional careers. Kiki once told me his job had something to do with family affiliation, killing people, etc.

I'm guessing he's a future Mafioso heir.

We reached Bray's in the next ten minutes. The whole time up there we talked about the dumbness of people, her new job which she was despising, and the once again the dumbness of people.

Dory and Kiki. It felt like we were the only sane people in the world.

We reached a door that to anyone else would seem rather shady. Typical scary movie, you're going to get shot type. Plus it was a good way into an alleyway and unless you had a death ish, most people didn't go into alley ways.

Of course this was all complete crap.

The only things that lurked here were Bray's two siamese cats, which I guess can be considered evil.

I knocked on Bray's door while Kiki fiddled with her jeans, attempting to get some of the wrinkles out from crouching behind Chang's. But I knew she was nervous. She hadn't seen Bray since she had hooked up with JT, and knowing Bray, he would most likely be angry. Scratch that. He would be livid. The funny thing is, Kiki doesn't let anyone intimidate her, not even Bray. So yes, she's nervous but that doesnt mean she'd back down from a fight. No, not with Bray.

I shook my head amusedly. This would be an interesting night. I checked my watch. It was one AM.

Let the night begin.