I'm like a moth drawn to the flame.

I know I should stay away from you but I can't do it.

You make me feel wanted and completely secure with myself.

I don't know what to do with myself when you're around.

Smiling, laughing, catching your green eyes across the room and I'm happy.

But it's usually fleeting

Because I do something stupid or you don't treat me the right way.

Yet I always get pulled back.

Is it worth it?

My friends don't like you – is that a sign?

All signs point to yes. Yes, he's a keeper? Yes, you should watch out for him?

What should I do? Take it while it's here and try not to get hung up on the bad stuff? Wait around for someone else to come along, even though I don't know the length of the wait or if someone will even come?

Yes. No. I'm done with you.

Then you catch my eye and I'm drawn back in.