A/N: Very short prologue... sorry. I already have the first two chaps written of this, so I'll upload them as soon as poss. I don't know what to do about CBAG anymore, so I'll be trying to write it at the same time as writing this. Hopefully, this is one story I wont get bored of.


I've always lived a relatively normal life – nothing exciting ever seems to happen to me. Average appearance, average friends, average grades, average parents, average personality… I'm so sick of being average! And yet, when I try doing something non-average, it seems to go completely against me…. so I've just given up and resigned myself to living an average life – surely it won't be that bad. It'll be better than living a life of poverty, I guess… I just have to set myself up for a lifetime of boredom.

I've always wanted a story to tell. But I wasn't quite prepared for what might hit me. I'll give you this warning – be careful what you wish for, no matter how cliché it sounds… because it might just come true. It might happen to you.

I'm the second son of the vampire King… no, really. This isn't an April Fool's, or a Halloween trick. If you look around you at night, you might see a shadow out of the corner of your eye… that's us. We live in a world veiled by darkness – hidden in your reality. But we have our own problems. More and more humans are finding out about us, and they want rid. In our society, the vampires have split into two groups – those loyal to my father, and the rebels – we're getting closer and closer to a full-blown war.

How the hell will we remain hidden if that happens?