Chapter Five

Lexie approached her wardrobe with a wary expression on her face. Tomorrow was the night of the party and she still hadn't been able to persude her parents to lend her the money for a new outfit… so she'd retreated to her room to try and find something she could wear. She was beginning to wonder whether she should just phone Emily and cancel the whole thing.

Lexie reached out and pulled open her wardrobe doors, wincing as she gave a quick glance to the clothes inside. Just as she'd thought – the typical jeans and t-shirts… nothing she could wear to a party. Slowly, Lexie flicked through the hangers of ordinary teenage clothes. Did she dare wear such normal things to a party? No. She'd just have to apologise to Emily…

As Lexie began thinking of how she would say sorry to her best friend, she absently pulled a pair of jeans from the wardrobe, and frowned when she saw what was behind them – a silky black blouse. Lexie grabbed at it as a memory swept over her – last Christmas, her parents had bought her the top as an attempt to get her to socialise more. Lexie had stuffed the blouse away and had forgotten about it, and her parents had given up trying to get her to go out…

Behind the blouse was a pair of plain black jeans. Lexie surveyed the outfit with a doubtful look – if Emily were here, she'd say it was Fate or something that made her find the outfit… but it was only Emily who believed in that stuff, not Lexie. It was just a coincidence she'd found it.

"Lexie!" There was a shriek, and suddenly the door was shoved open. The twins, Jess and Kate, came running in. Lexie turned and found the two close to tears, immediately throwing the clothes on the bed and walking towards them.

"What's wrong?"

"Mummy started shouting at Daddy!" Jess exclaimed, her voice wavering slightly. "And then Millie started crying, and Daddy shouted at her."

Lexie's eyes widened at the news of their parents having an argument… they never argued. Sure, they had disagreements, but Dad had never turned around and shouted at Millie… what was going on?

"Why don't you two stay here and I'll sort things out…" She wasn't sure what she could do, but her words seemed to calm the twins down, and this was the effect she'd wanted. Lexie quickly moved towards the corridor, where she could now hear her mother shouting something about housework and money… Millie's sobs could also clearly be heard.


The girl turned to see her brother walking towards her. He looked as surprised as she was.

"The twins came and told me they were arguing… what's it about?"

"I have no idea." Conner replied, looking thoughtful. "I've been up here. What should we do?"

My older brother is asking me what we should do… I really have no clue.

The two siblings did the only thing they could think of… they stood there and listened to the argument, not liking what they heard.