His eyes were green and he smiled

Ten freckles on each cheek

One deep hollow dimple in each side of his face

Even his hair seem to light up-.

Red brown short and spiky.

" Wow that's interesting"

His words turned my face redder than his hair

Even against my dark skin

Being near him made me flutter

She was 5'11-long legs and skinny

She had a flat tummy, which guys loved.

She had blond hair and stunning blue eyes.

She had breast proportionate to her body.

I was 5'5 thick legs and ,what you call curvaceous.

My tummy wasn't quite there which is not what I think guys want.

My hair was black and nappy unless I relaxed it, my eyes were lifeless brown.

My chest was bigger than it should have been even before Jade

Next him I felt like a dirty stain

Next to him I felt fake and like a wannabe

Next to him i was constantly reminded I was black.

Next to him I knew I wasn't the Queen B standards.

But he never thought that,

Only his bigot ex-friends and his parents thought that

I knew his parent's wanted the blond ,Ashely.

I knew the thought the of black skin was revolting this his parents

I knew the thought of him married to a 'poor' woman scared his parents to death.

'What will did your parents' say? I asked in the car about 'Jade'

'Well I think their happy'

He grinned and even after three years I melted in my seat.

He pulled in his parent's driveway

He unbuckled his seat belt, I did the same.

We walked hand in hand James and me. In nine months Jade will be here.

Jade Tatiana Hudson.