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Who's Who?

Joshua Grey grimaced inwardly, Oh God…she's opening her eyes… He was usually gone by now, not staying long enough for any awkward morning misunderstandings. She smiled taking in his form beside her, leaning forward she kissed him, her soft lips seeming to want a response. Resisting the urge to push her away, Josh gave her a quick peck before getting up. Her full red mouth pouted as her blue eyes roved over his boxer-clad body.

"Aren't we going to school together?" Her husky voice falmost a purr. Looking around for his shirt, Josh wondered how and why he got himself into these situations, finding it next to her bed he quickly threw it on, buttoning it up as fast as his skilful hands could.

Glancing at her pretty face he found himself intrinsically disappointed that her eyes were blue, pulling on his jeans he smiled his 'you know you love me' smile while grabbing his keys off her dressing table.

"Can't. Gotta go pick up Ni… Damon." Cursing himself for almost saying Nina's name he walked out the door, not bothering to close it. Running a hand through his dishevelled mass of black hair he frowned remembering why he had gone over to Tracey's house. God, he was plastered last night… over someone who still thought that he had more girl's going than a magazine tabloid. Which was true, but only because the one girl he wanted… was in love with someone else. Only because you're too pussy to admit…Turning up the radio in his Porsche, his thoughts were almost drowned out as he drove home to take a shower before going over to Damon's house.

Checking the time on his modest yet expensive watch, he smirked… bastard probably isn't even up yet. Despite the fact that he, Damon and Thomas (whom they usually met up with at school) were now seniors, they still acted like sophomores. Wise Fools, as Nina would refer to them.

Parking his car in the driveway he stepped out…right into dog shit.

"Goddamm dog," he muttered as he shook his leg, reaching the front door he kicked off the shitty shoes and walked inside.

"Mom the dog's been doing it's business on our front yard again!" Knowing his mother was awake by now, he shouted to let her know that he was home, "When's Kaysee going to train the damn thing?"

Kaysee, his ten year old sister had promised to train the rottweiler yet so far he'd seen no improvement.

"When she does." Ms Katherine Darling-Grey, was a successful partner in a major law firm, which would account for their 'comfortable' living and less than modest home. Barely pushing 40, she'd been divorced from her husband since Kaysee's seventh birthday after Dr Jacob Grey had an affair with one of his therapy clients. As expected she sued their father for everything he had before he could say 'Prenuptial Agreement'… and won most of it too. Of course they wouldn't let her have his bowels as trophies… but she was happy with the assets and child support. Her black hair was shot through with streaks of white, yet her grey eyes still retained a youthful outlook that promised a long life of successful cases.

"Kaysee come have some breakfast!" Her methodical voice travelled upstairs, and bought back with it a jumping blonde haired, brown eyed ten year old. She was her father's daughter, where Josh was his mother's son. His slightly tanned skin contrasted against her pale complexion, and his usual calm demeanour was almost an exact opposite of his sister's hyperactive personality… nevertheless he loved his sis to bits.

"Say hi to Nina for me… she says she gonna bring me one of your school's basketballs today. Will she be coming home with you?" Her big brown eyes looked hopefully up into his.

"Only if you train that dog of yours." As if sensing the reference to him Kaysee's rottweiler…what was it's name?

"Densky!!" His sister's elated voice beckoned the mongrel over, Josh's eyes narrowed at the monstrosity. He and the dog didn't quite hit it off so well, not after it ruined two (now three, thinking about his crap covered shoes) pairs of his shoes. Densky sauntered in as if he owned the place. "I promise… I'll start right after school" She grabbed the dog by it's neck and mauled it, somehow he knew it would protect her one day… and that was the only reason Josh put up with Densky.

"Ok, I'll remind Nina about your ball."

"Late night last night Joshua?" His mother's perfectly sculpted eyebrow lifted inquisitively, smiling secretively Josh simply replied with.

"See you after school mom."

Not bothering to sit at the table for breakfast, he kissed his mom on the cheek… ruffled Kay's hair and shot right back outside, knowing that if he were to forget something Nina would have a spare.

Less than a mile away Nina Wiles brushed her long brown hair, her green flecked amber eyes flashing as she remembered the girl's arm around Thomas. Oh come on! He's not even your boyfriend. He thinks of you only as 'Damon's sister'. Gah! She hated thinking about someone who didn't reciprocate her feelings, but she always found herself thinking of Thomas. Kind hearted Thomas. His blue eyes always made her weak, and whenever he was near she would use her pretence of 'mother hen' to run her fingers through his golden locks. She had it bad.

Her own light brown hair was limp compared to the girl's lustrous mane, twirling it around her fingers she looked sideways into her full length mirror. How can I be part African when I hardly have an ass? Both her older sister Tiara and her mother had African backsides. They had the whole J-Lo asset thing going on.

Tiara also had darker skin and more friends than Nina. However most of them were girls, whenever she had guy friends… she'd ruin it by sleeping with them and crying on some uncaring girl's shoulder about how he ruined everything. Still… her curves made Nina a little envious, even when she was away at college. Nina's pink glossed lips were furrowed as she pulled on a pair of baggy shorts over her slender legs, her delicately pert nose scrunched as she tried to forget the way Thomas laughed with the unknown leggy blonde. Even the blonde had a curvy bottom.

Her cheeks flushed a dark shade of red from internal conflict, as she absentmindedly put on her black bead bracelets before her tee-shirt… Maybe I should stop hanging out with them.

But they're as much my friends as they are Damon's now.

Well, that's all he'll ever think of you now…as a guy friend.

But I'm not a guy! And besides, who would I hang with? Most of the girls at school hate me…

Only because you hang out with some of the most sought after guys in school.

Ew one of them is my brother!

You wanted a reason. She jumped as someone pounded on her door. Still only clad in her black bra and the baggy shorts she marched over to the door. Thinking it to be her twin brother, Damon, she yanked it open, coming face to face with an amused Josh, who was anything but her brother.

"What do..dammit Grey!!" Slamming the door on his handsome smirking face she shrieked at him through it, "Don't you have a mouth!!"

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting a strip tease so early in the morning Wiles." She could practically hear the smirk on his face, grabbing a black tee she threw it over her head not caring whether it went with the shorts or not.

Picking out her firmest pillow, she opened the door again, "Aww… aren't you su.." Before he could finish his sentence, Nina pummelled him with her pillow. "Ow.. Hey ow!!"
"Josh, you know my daughter has a temper. Isn't Damon's room that way?" Mr Wiles' bespectacled green eyes could not conceal the sheer enjoyment of watching his 90-lb daughter beat a strong, healthy and well-muscled youth. He was proud. His blonde hair was mussed, and yet to be combed, but he was all dressed and ready for work, smiling he cleared his throat. "Honey, I think you can safely say that's he's sorry."

"No, I don't think he is daddy." Nina's mock innocent voice drawled, adding a thump on Josh's head for good measure. This was normal for these two, somehow Josh would anger Nina in some way and she would retaliate with a vengeance. Nina knew it drove girl's wild at school to see her play-fighting with "Joshua heartbreaker Grey" which was half the reason she instigated their fights at school. As seniors, they now ruled Clemington High, and no one dared mess with a senior, let alone Nina Quella Wiles. She could hold her own, even without her brother, or their mates watching her back.

"Ok, I'm done." Turning on her sneaker clad heel she stepped over Josh's crumpled body, down the hall and into her fraternal twin's room.

Damon Wiles could hear Josh's yelps, yet somehow managed to still lay in bed… not caring. He heard his door open but not close as he was thumped on the side by something soft yet firm. "Muuhh too early go away." He mumbled pulling his dark sheets over his dark brown hair. I hate mornings.

"Rise and shine!" Nina's ever chirpy voice seemed shrill and artificially singsongish.

"Go away!" Damon shouted out from underneath his covers, Couldn't I have just been given an fidentical twin brother who could go to school in my place?

"I'm leaving your room Snorlax, I know you're up now. Grey's here…" her too unusually too loud voice boomed in his ears.

"I know." he grumbled,

"and… I CALL SHOTGUN." She flounced out of his room, as he sat up slowly stretching out his tautly jointed muscles. Rolling out of bed he stumbled into the bathroom, it was clear as day that, where his twin sister was a morning person… he was not.

After a shower and change of clothes Damon was somewhat more alive, all he needed was some breakfast and he'd be able to function. Walking mechanically down the stairs not looking he nearly stepped on Bookie, well his little brother's name was actually Chris. However he was such a bookworm and a bit of a gambler (not that his parents knew of Chris's money making schemes) that they just started calling him Bookie, and it sorta stuck.

"Jeez, Bookie, can't you read on the table or the sofa like a normal human being?" Jumping over his twelve year old brother's small frame he landed with a slight thud.

"I'm sorry. I'm not normal." He didn't even look up from the page as his monotone voice met Damon's ear. The boy was a almost minime of their father, by far the fairest child he even inherited their dad's bad eyesight. His always ruffled blonde hair was, surprisingly ruffled, and his blue shirt read, "I may be a nerd, but at least I'll be rich." It had a point.

"Hey… you comin to school with us kid?" He'd skipped a few grades and was in 10th rather than 7th grade.

"Mother will be dropping me off to school." His voice not changing, his hazel gaze still glued to the book.

"Ooook." His brother was weird, but he was what he was and that was a weird smart guy thingy ma bob.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket he grinned seeing five missed calls, the first was from Tom, "Message received at 12:01 am… D, have you got that biology homework sheet? Please tell me you're going to at least attempt the test tomorrow. Man… you're not answering your phone… so .. You're asleep… asshole!" Damon laughed as the line went dead…

Next message, "Damon? It's Marissa, are you going to call me back? I swear, you always do this. Why can't you just call me? I te.." Ok deleting that one. Can you say psycho?

The next one made him smile, "Hey… you ran off pretty quickly last night.." Thanks to Nina, "I was wondering if you want to continue what we started. Well hit me up when you can… Stace." He would definitely be calling her again.

The last message scared him more than Marissa's message.

"I can't believe you just left me at the movies and didn't call! Boy you gonna regret that… can't leave me hangin Day… you can leave m…" Cutting it off he shuddered. That girl was hot, but she seemed too ghetto sometimes. Considering she lived in a good neighbourhood and attended a good school.

Grabbing a bowl and the cereal he made himself sufficient breakfast, taking his second spoonful he sighed as a resounding honk from outside was followed by Nina's loud "Hurry up Damon!!"

"Guess that means another breakfast missed Damon." Mrs Sarah Wiles, his half caste African American mother looked sympathetically on as he gathered his back pack and sportsgear. Her dark hazel eyes looked into his gold flecked green ones, grinning he grabbed the bowl off the table and kissed her cheek.

"Not if I can help it mom." Waltzing outside he pushed Nina's seat so far forward, to get in, purposely squashing her.

"Hey you're not eating that in the car, I just cleaned it yesterday." Josh warned. Taking a spoonful and munching on the cereal loudly Damon smirked at Josh's reflection in the rear-view mirror.

"Oh yeah? Then what are these … stains… on the back seat.. Getting action back here?"

"Ew…Grey that's gross. Ever heard of a room?" Nina and Damon loved to tease Josh about his extra-curricular activities, but knew the line and never crossed it.

"Wiles, rooms are old fashioned and quite frankly I'm very new aged." That earned him a punch from Nina , as they continued to squabble Damon sat back and thought about the bio test. He didn't study, but he'd ace it… plus if he sat next to Tom he'd ace it without even trying. His phone started ringing, he blanched as the sound of Paris Hilton's Stars are blind made it to everyone's ears, I am never letting a girl touch my phone ever again.

"Damon, why do you have 'Stars are blind' as your ring-tone?" Nina's voice sounded as though she were about ready to burst.

"You're not secretly gay are you?" Josh started laughing, followed by Nina.

"Shut up." Was all he managed as he flipped open his phone to answer.

"Talk to me." The sound of his voice was enough to make Thomas Guildenstern melt inside… and all he had to do was say normal things like "Hey" or "What's up" , imagine what it would be like if he acknowledged his love for him? Slight problem with that stupid, Damon's straight.

"Hey man… you guys on your way?" Tom spoke sounding as casual as ever.

"Yeah… just parking up now." Get yourself together. Thomas had only acknowledged that the feelings he had for Damon were not as platonic as he pretended, not too long ago. When he finally admitted to himself that he was attracted to the same sex, in particular one guy, many things began to fall into place. Like, why he never really enjoyed sex with girls that much, or why he found men more attractive than women. Because he was in love with someone he could never have. Damon Wiles. His best friend. (along with Josh and Nina of-course) His straight best friend, who thought that he too was straight, and preferred girls to guys, more over, Damon was the type of guy who liked girls so much… he could never stick to just one. No one knew about Tom's preferences, especially not his friends, or the girls he 'dated'.

And up until two months ago, he didn't know himself.

"Thomas, you zoned out just as we got here.. Are you ok?" Nina's light voice cut through his reverie as she studied him closely. Her uniquely beautiful eyes concerned.

"He's just thinking about Amy Jenkins… ain't that right Tom?" Josh cut through, putting an arm playfully around Nina, who continued to look at Thomas with an odd expression on her face. She didn't even bother to shake Josh off, Thomas smiled letting her know that he was fine. As fine as anyone could be when they were in love with an unattainable person.

Thomas watched as Josh (who didn't think anyone was watching him) continued to gaze after Nina who had shook him off and was stalking away, probably to the gym to steal something for Josh's little sister. Thomas discreetly studied him, he'd never before seen Josh look at someone the way he was looking at Nina's retreating back now. His grey eyes were filled with undisguised longing. Looks like Mr Heartbreaker Grey may finally be noticing something that was in front of his eyes all along. Filing this moment away for future reference he turned towards the school building himself,

"Come on, we're all in the same homeroom. Don't know where Nina's going."

The three guys fell into step together, with Damon in the middle. Every time Damon's left arm brushed against Thomas' right one it sent shivers up his arm and he had to resist from pushing Damon away for no apparent reason.

Josh's voice caught their attention, "Heard there's two new chicks."

"I heard that too…" Damon managed to sound interested, without looking it. "Which one would I want?"

It Kills me to know you'd never want me. "Who's to stop you from having both?" Stupid Stupid Mouth!!

"Why Stern, do I feel a wager coming on?" Josh needed to shut his mouth right now.

"No I…" Thomas tried to stop what was coming but to no avail, as Damon took the bait.

"How about we stop the wager because you know I'll have both by the end of next week."

"End of next week. You don't even know what they look like, and you have to have had both man." Thomas felt like punching Josh's stupid head in.

Thinking of something he spoke up, "Why aren't you going for one Josh?" This earned him a wry look and a shrug.

"Because, I'm in no mood for chasing this week. Damon, on the other hand is always in the mood."

"Damn right"

"Whatever, I'm going to go find Nina." Truth of the matter was, he just really needed to get away from Damon and Josh's womanising. From Damon's obliviousness to Tom's love. From Josh's predatory gaze that appeared when Nina was no where in sight.

From the sound of his love going to waste and away from the sound of his heart thudding loud enough for everyone around him to hear.


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