Their Game Begins


it began as a game


teasing mockeries;

fake irritations—

he smiled and ran

she chased him


shoes scraping floor

light laughter rings

short statements spoken

uneven breathing;



he's been cornered

she's closing in

he grins and attacks


a startled gasp

warm, gentle lips

brushes sensitive skin

igniting flames of desire


arms intertwining;

legs tangling; stumbling—

caught between wall and limbs

lips seeking soft warmth


returned affections

body warming; blood sizzling

hands upon bare skin—stroking

soft eager lips meeting lips; at last


constant want and need;

hungry kisses growing fervently

fingers brushing reactive skin

sighs of unrestrained pleasure


they part and smile—shy

bodies molding softly as one

fingers interweaving with fingers

smiling still—they walked on