Still stuck with me

I see your thoughts are still about me

Your fingers still tracing my lines

Touching my skin

Wanting me

You're still searching for my taste

Your lips still dry for my kiss

Still, I am your desire

I could feel it

The way your words sways and bends

Through your voice

The pauses

The soft moans

You still want me

I could feel it

Through the air between us

You still wish that I'm yours to keep

You still read my words

Watching carefully our conversations

Hoping I would run back into your arms

But no

I won't be coming back

I am no longer yours

But I'll let you wander in dreams

Maybe there you could keep me

In your dreams you could hold me

Only there

For the things we've been through together

I'll let you wander in dreams

Where you could keep me

Only in your dreams