I Will Not Write a Love Poem For You

For Miss Kao

Hundreds of them have already been written,
My feelings were described in thousand words
More beautiful than I will ever find them;
I will not write a love poem for you.

I won't describe you in a little poem,
I cannot go where words do not exist;
Nor will I say what happens after nightfall,
Ten thousand lines would not suffice for this.

I will not do the same as every poet,
Comparing you to flowers or to stars;
Your mouth says more than any of these flowers,
And stars, to me, have always been to far.

What need is there to write that you're an angel?
For you know well the beauty of your wings.
What need is there to write you that I love you?
My eyes already tolds you all these things.

But now, when looking back at what I've done,
I realize, the title is not true;
I'm sorry, dear, I contradict myself,
For I just wrote a love poem for you.