Chapter 1-

Lola stared at the blank computer screen. This was her lifeline. For the past three years she had been imprisoned in this house, with only the computer and a small collection of books to entertain herself. Of course the computer didn't have Internet access. Her step-brother was to smart to allow that. She sighed. Once upon a time she had loved this house.

It was a large log cabin situated high in the Rocky Mountains, cut off from civilization. She had used to vacation here with her mother and stepfather every summer, and the solitude had been nice. But now she would give anything to leave this place. She wanted to get out and find her baby brother. He would be about three and a half by now.

She felt tears sting her eyes as she remembered the horrible night and began to type. Brad, my step-brother, had given our parents tickets to see a show. My mother had been adamant about accepting them, but my stepfather had insisted. It had been several years since Brad had done anything for them and he wanted to give him a chance. So my mother had reluctantly agreed to go.

I had agreed to stay home and watch my two-month-old, half-brother, Jaden. My parents could certainly afford a sitter, but I loved my little brother and he was the heir to a huge fortune, so my stepfather was nervous about finding a trustworthy sitter. My parents had left early so they could have dinner before the show. I had happily sent them off; my mother would enjoy the show I was sure. They had left about 7pm and the show was to start at 8:30pm.

I fed Jaden and rocked him to sleep before placing him in his crib. Then I retired to the sitting room next to the nursery to read.

I must have fallen asleep for the next thing I knew it was 11pm and the phone was ringing. I rushed to pick it up, so it wouldn't awake Jaden.

"Hello, Parker residence," I said.

No one spoke.


"L-Lola?" a ragged voice asked.

I frowned. "Yes."

"Your stepfather is dead…." My mother took a deep breath. "Brad had him k-killed…..go to… the safe h-house….with Jaden….b-before….he c-comes there…."

"Mother, where are you. I'll come get you," I cried.

"N-no….it's too d-dangerous here…I love…"

My mother's words were cut off by a gunshot. I screamed and dropped the phone. Upstairs I heard Jaden's muffled cries. I took the stairs two at a time.

The nursery window was open and a man was reaching into the crib for my brother. I screamed again and rushed at the man, but before I could reach him strong arms caught me from behind. A foul-smelling cloth was placed over my nose and mouth and slowly everything went black.

By now the tears were streaming down her face. She had woken up here and had been here ever since. The only thing she knew about her brother was that he was alive and would continue to be if she cooperated. She groaned and went in search of some tissues. The house was well equipped for her use and every few months Brad would appear with new supplies and papers for her to sign.

She found the tissues under the bathroom sink and carried them back to the living room. She paused for a moment to look out the window. The sun was just beginning to set behind the mountains, it was a spectacular sight. She would love to paint it, but her painting supplies were running low.

She took a seat once again at the desk and began to type again. She was writing her story, so that it would not be lost.

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