Thursday 15th February 2007

5:05 PM (!)

Chapter Six: Time

He was dashing, she was exquisite. She watched them dance as if from far away.

"Come, darling. It is time."

She smiled, joyful. A tender beam of hope, fragile and delicate. "I know." She whispered.

She climbed.

He smiled.

I'm a bird.

Flying away to my hidden valley.

I'm going home.

The blade was cold, harsh, glinting, warm from the pressure of her hands and the dreams of countless millions.

She was dead.

And she swayed as she fell, stepping off into the sunrise. She always wanted to end it in the morning. At around eleven o'clock.

The water was all around her, surrounding her in a forceful wave that carried her, supported her, kept her alive and awake and sinking into delicious death with every heartbeat deeper.